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Brief history of digital photography


The digital imaging revolution happened primarily in the early 2000s, following rapid development in technology and amid fears by keen photographers that all their hard-won skills would be wasted and image manipulation become child’s play. But as with most technological developments, the beginnings go much further back. Experiments to store images on disks were already being made in the early 1960s.
> Then at Bell Laboratories in 1969, Dr. Willard Boyle and Dr. George Smith created the image sensor, the digital camera’s key element. Further advances were made in the 1970s with Kodak, Texas Instruments and Fairchild Imaging leading the way. In 1975, Kodak used a Fairchild sensor, with just 0.1 megapixels in its first digital camera prototype. It was a huge camera, around the size of a two large dictionaries and weighing some 4 kg.

Image sensors underwent further development throughout the 1970s. By the 1980s, the developments in technology were being closely followed by the media, particularly by the photo press, which by the early 1990s could sense the advantages of faster distribution of images. Digital technology was by now threatening to replace film. However, digital photography was still a long way away from becoming a mass market but was gaining ground in studio photography.
In the 2000s, the advances in this new medium were very rapid and photographers who once condemned the new trend realized that image-making, however achieved, still required considerable creativity and opened up new avenues to even the most dedicated conventional photographer. Digital photography was by now a mass market and had reached the stage when the talk was all about pixels.

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red-light-r0o.jpg (94571 Byte) pedestrian shadow-f52.jpg (277036 Byte) rust-4yi3.jpg (86767 Byte) small-windmill-z2r.jpg (79662 Byte)
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sign-flower-g2i.jpg (104550 Byte) stone-man-j3a.jpg (126628 Byte) photography thermometer-8vr2.jpg (120048 Byte) Celsius, Fahrenheit tire-man-i3n.jpg (110602 Byte)
tube-z30a.jpg (171104 Byte) umbrellas-5qku.jpg (101999 Byte) picture video-surveillance-8ra.jpg (106474 Byte) warning-sign-o2r.jpg (101960 Byte)
tiepin-9b2.jpg (112455 Byte) traffic-noise-5v.jpg (124307 Byte) tree-car-9n4.jpg (73316 Byte) two-holes-n3x.jpg (80715 Byte)
stop-z6tg.jpg (192515 Byte) sugar-beet.jpg (205009 Byte) telescope-9j3q.jpg (130076 Byte) tent-x7n3.jpg (176074 Byte)
plant-z0p1.jpg (145623 Byte) post-yol2.jpg (79040 Byte) red-white-6b4.jpg (112880 Byte) screw-nut-6w8.jpg (133188 Byte)
tree-ac5l.jpg (232073 Byte) truck-r27z.jpg (86059 Byte) wash-care-73.jpg (96928 Byte) window-decoration-58.jpg (99059 Byte)
water-leaves-g4v.jpg (377624 Byte) weather-station-wl5.jpg (89308 Byte) windows-b6b3.jpg (90428 Byte) barrel-1ay.jpg (183176 Byte)
face-sign-i5a.jpg (115971 Byte) glass-zb4.jpg (85129 Byte) sign-n71q.jpg (96175 Byte) stairs-s2ay.jpg (121824 Byte) photo house
horse-sign-3an.jpg (106879 Byte) plants-river-z6w.jpg (276592 Byte) screw-rust-u7zn.jpg (87400 Byte) stones-net-4yu.jpg (261741 Byte)
reflector-rd64.jpg (164211 Byte) sign-pharmacy-5t.jpg (103978 Byte) sign-stone-i5w.jpg (252581 Byte) yellow-net-4a0.jpg (299568 Byte)
sundial-z2ib.jpg (121831 Byte) time tiles-q0wn.jpg (143086 Byte) tractor-5hm.jpg (248727 Byte) agriculture photo tree-ball-t3y.jpg (106910 Byte)
pants-8a9.jpg (228414 Byte) decoration pole-t2v5.jpg (67887 Byte) pot-bunny-62p.jpg (125164 Byte) tree-face-g2l.jpg (282940 Byte)
screw-75q.jpg (124120 Byte) sign-red-z2v.jpg (81723 Byte) pictogram sing-animal-4wp.jpg (125424 Byte) tree-a0m5.jpg (178684 Byte)
easter-egg-u4c.jpg (86315 Byte) picture horse-sign-ve4q.jpg (104933 Byte) plant-3y2.jpg (102332 Byte) steel-spring-b8w.jpg (108616 Byte)
stones-7r1q.jpg (208350 Byte) texture-em5a.jpg (343186 Byte) tire-mark-ei5.jpg (414160 Byte) toy-6v3q.jpg (280139 Byte)
quick-sun-r1i.jpg (80331 Byte) trees-9i3.jpg (119272 Byte) wall-5w7x.jpg (115473 Byte) white-red-x41.jpg (147012 Byte)
wind-propeller-v2a.jpg (113165 Byte) wood-ducks-6b3.jpg (177833 Byte) wood-wall-83q.jpg (202481 Byte) yellow-bike-52q.jpg (189268 Byte) photo
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small-house-8n7.jpg (104922 Byte) ticket-hand-73.jpg (102689 Byte) trampoline-jwo4.jpg (137644 Byte) wind-rose-7c2.jpg (64911 Byte)
reflector-s7m.jpg (181976 Byte) roof-d0wl.jpg (106844 Byte) rose-hip-8w2.jpg (85874 Byte) tents-a19q.jpg (118799 Byte)
time-g3bd.jpg (143040 Byte) tree-fence-q0c.jpg (245895 Byte) wall-ventilation-8w4.jpg (140222 Byte) window-shield-z4b.jpg (135808 Byte)
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