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Photo Competitions 


There are countless photo competitions listed on the Internet, all easy and quick to find using a search engine. Most are open to both amateurs and professionals. Themes are extremely varied and virtually unlimited. Sometimes clearly defined such as nature photography, sometimes just general, or with a variety of topics plus a general category. Depending on the competition organizer, entries are usually judged by a jury of experienced, high-profile photographers. However this is not always the case.

A photo competition can be a good guide to where you stand with your photography in comparison to other photographers. To get an idea of this you need to choose a competition that gives you some feedback. Unfortunately, even some quite high-level competitions simply return photographs stating that your entry was not accepted and wishing you “good luck next time”. There are others however that provide clear information, often in the form of marks or even keywords as pointers. Prizes vary greatly, sometimes consisting of cash prizes and very often cameras and photographic equipment.

Camera and Lens Reviews

red blue balloons blue yellow wall head of a bull sign car mirror camera
beer in glas   pile of bricks   bulbs sky   cooking boy
flags in the wind   construction iron   bird footprints snow   letters on wall
mushroom sculpture   old man sculpture   paragraph photo   plastic art
etc sign   fence clouds   fire alarm button   horse art 
lampions night    yellow leaves    life belt painting     light wall
winch    music notes on wall    red parasol    pedestals 
boat river   dog illustration   nature landscape   leaves desktop wallpaper
handrail   light colors   no smoking sign   boats sport lake
post sky   salt mountains   beware   house puppets
photo door   pc inside   sculpture woman   small and large stone
decoration   lights   sculpture   stones deco
car art   tavern sign   green sign   table and chairs
balance   plant fruit   red art   shopping
christmas tree decoration   door   paintings   hook
fruit   nature   light   barrier
nature   shop   old man   petit petons
background   bark   leaves    old tree 
tavern sign    sign sun    blue mosaic    light tunnel 
air    car wheel    window    wall colors 
plant    railway    blue white    protection net 
wall art    window colours    iron    numbers 
rowing river   at the beach   shore protection   man sky
stones   wind   red white   tree
clouds   plant   lake tree   traffic signs
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