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Pictures of the Month


Larger than other pictures on bigfoto, the size of the photos in this selection is 1800 x 1200. They have been saved in better/higher quality, so they are ideal for brochures/print.

We have a wide selection of photos on many different subjects, all of which are available for use for free, as long as you credit the website. In addition, you can gain access to even more pictures if you donate a few $.

From motorcycles to masks, landscapes to locomotives, from seagulls to show jumping and clocks to cactus plants, you’ll be sure to find the photo you’re looking for.

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Butterfly   car   art    
evening   mask   ducks    
ship   stadium   apples    
leaves   cloud   engine train    
cows   light   landscape    
A380   sunset   traffic    
flowers   window   mountain    
vineyard   contrail   San Francisco    
flowers large photo   Seebenalp, Switzerland, Flumserberge   wind sky picture    
Lake Sport   Moon   Copy Hollywood Sign    
Sailing Regatta   Stones Background   Roof Tiles    
leaves     feeding birds   Matterhorn     
vapour trails   Mount Pilatus   leaves blue sky    
cactus   food   river stones    
Apartments, clouds   River Sihl, Winter   Waegitaler Lake, Switzerland    
Bundeshaus   wool   cornfield    
red sit   leaf lake    railway station Zug     
Lake Zug   Gran Canaria Landscape   Large Image Flowers    
Switzerland, near Elm   Stones, Beach   red clouds    
dinosaur   glacier, Swiss alps   Lake Geneva, Ice    
cobblestone pavement   ax photo   boat, lake, waves    
flowers   tree photo   roof tiles    
Tree, seasons   plant   Switzerland mountains    
Whales near Boston   yellow field   boat pier    
Carnival, Zug    Ireland, Coastline, Ocean    Sunflowers     
field photo   restaurant, Lake Lucerne   forest picture    
Rainbow    Texture    Carnival     
Car, old    Rotsee, Rowing    River, Snow, Ice     
Winter, Snowfall    white flowers tree    Leaves, cold     
Matterhorn, Switzerland    Weeimar, Germany, Schiller Goethe monument    red sunset     
computer part   Swiss Alps Picture   Lake Zug, snow, storm    
Allalin, Saas Fee, Switzerland   Coca Cola Truck   Lake, Constance, Friedrichshafen    


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