Bahnhof Enge  

Zürich’s Enge Railway Station

Enge is the name of the south west quarter of the Swiss city of Zürich, and it has its own station on the S-Bahn railway. From here you can take the train to Zürich Airport in 18 minutes, to other parts of Switzerland, or start your journey to other European cities.
Like all modern stations and airports, Enge Bahnhof offers much more than travel: you can also eat here, in one of five restaurants or take-aways, or you can do your shopping. There are flower shops and grocery stores, and you can pick up items from the pharmacy or some new headphones and a battery for your camera. You can post letters at the station or buy some flowers for someone on your way home. In this way the station aims to save you from boredom as you wait for your connection, and maximise its economy at the same time.
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