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Perspective, Zoom Lens 


Perspective is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional scene. In photography this can be achieved by viewing 3-D objects from an angle rather than head-on. A photograph is also given perspective if there are objects in the foreground, middle distance and background, giving the whole scene "depth". 

Zoom Lens
A lens which can be adjusted to a wide range of focal lengths without a change in focus, thus an alternative for a number of individual lenses of various focal lengths. A difficult type of lens to design and manufacture, but very useful for the photographer who likes to travel light.

Star Wars Stormtroopers, Lucerne   Star Wars Stormtroopers, Lucerne   Star Wars, Lucerne   Stormtroopers, Star Wars, Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
cactus.jpg (150382 Byte) cactus, Kaktus container.jpg (118967 Byte) container bench.jpg (175140 Byte) brown-leaf.jpg (151247 Byte) leaf photo
people_trees.jpg (202996 Byte) people trees, Menschen Spaziergangg post-stone-8a.jpg (215832 Byte) post p6bmhs.jpg (358051 Byte) tree house billboard-vjz2.jpg (126725 Byte) poster
leaf_fall.jpg (204946 Byte) leaf fall, Blätterfall, Laub mirror_house.jpg (121209 Byte) mirror house, Haus im Spiegel roof.jpg (242092 Byte) roof, Dach p1baum.jpg (291385 Byte)
road-sign-blue.jpg (97122 Byte) road sign, Strassenschild o5abf.jpg (335686 Byte) gaarbage, rubbish, Laubsäcke house-forest.jpg (202207 Byte) house forest, Waldhaus house_number_45.jpg (297523 Byte) house number, Hausnummerschild
tree-antenna.jpg (100092 Byte) tree antenna, Baum, Antenne stones-heart-b62.jpg (271924 Byte) stones photo stones-lines-ki1.jpg (196697 Byte) pic stones stones-lines-sand.jpg (295899 Byte) photo stones
bird-tree-9w6.jpg (99525 Byte) tree_sky.jpg (367383 Byte) tree sky, Blätterhimmel white_stones_snake.jpg (216218 Byte) white stones face-sign-xi3.jpg (115415 Byte)
red-barrels.jpg (163482 Byte) red barrels, rotes Fass, Tonne, Container asphalt-769s.jpg (314138 Byte) chain-so1x.jpg (101903 Byte) green-red-lampion.jpg (61273 Byte) green red lampions
tree_stump.jpg (268389 Byte) tree stump, Baumstrunk trees-snow.jpg (343926 Byte) trees snow, Baum Schnee red_door_handle.jpg (257660 Byte) red door handle red-leafs.jpg (301220 Byte) red leafs, Laub
red-blue-l0u.jpg (90794 Byte) leaves-sky-k3a.jpg (101984 Byte) leaf cloud sparkler-fire-5k.jpg (96525 Byte) sparklers sparkler-k03.jpg (181378 Byte) sparklers fire
tomatoe-parcel.jpg (54229 Byte) picture tomatoe tomato-screwdriver.jpg (55705 Byte) photo grating-ng4.jpg (92261 Byte) picture horseshoe-mi8.jpg (78158 Byte) horse shoe picture
ice-colours-phzt.jpg (113856 Byte) ice in glas ice-cubes-8tg5.jpg (83707 Byte) colors ice ice-cubes-awqs3.jpg (85717 Byte) melting ice ice-dh84.jpg (88905 Byte) ice melting
no-dogs-f631.jpg (104847 Byte) no dogs pic plant-58e2.jpg (102152 Byte) plant picture tree-water-e8m2.jpg (260942 Byte) tree in water photo wind-turbine-8u7a.jpg (133487 Byte) wind colors
chairs-tables-402w.jpg (132587 Byte) photo table plastic-stones-3rt5.jpg (92657 Byte) picture plastic plastic-toy-fg2.jpg (122636 Byte) picture plastic cogwheel-6z7u.jpg (104757 Byte) picture cogwheel zahnrad
branch-lake-s5mq.jpg (150463 Byte) picture branch bread-x8k3.jpg (150628 Byte) picture bread tree-trunk-3z67.jpg (143008 Byte) mushroom-6u4s.jpg (109445 Byte)
flower-6zhn.jpg (135268 Byte) glasses-j7t3.jpg (103349 Byte) vehicle-z7e32w.jpg (139910 Byte) boat-cbm6.jpg (103190 Byte) lake picture
tires-kiju7.jpg (145620 Byte) clothes-k8i1.jpg (124337 Byte) atree-i8j7.jpg (201898 Byte) old tree dragon-6t4.jpg (120911 Byte)
mountains-6qi.jpg (115383 Byte) Haldigrat texture-lake-j7z.jpg (116191 Byte) stones-d9m3.jpg (198060 Byte) wagon-f4v.jpg (177391 Byte) meadow
tree-dq6.jpg (316472 Byte) nature camera-8i4r.jpg (97337 Byte) SLR river-fv5.jpg (172429 Byte) roof-construction-r5w.jpg (106976 Byte) building
flowers-meadow-6v.jpg (276612 Byte) flute-player-h7x.jpg (223473 Byte) mask-zfy7.jpg (124156 Byte) rope-5vk2.jpg (101108 Byte)
construction-e1my.jpg (220889 Byte) factory cover-k8n4.jpg (208836 Byte) lake-boats-6vh.jpg (136949 Byte) old-newspaper-i5b.jpg (211588 Byte) recycling
sign-people-r2a.jpg (100845 Byte) snail-5qi.jpg (163074 Byte) soap-box-6wq.jpg (171241 Byte) soil-tv2.jpg (289832 Byte)
cat-sculpture-z2c.jpg (96378 Byte) hand-sign-2b6.jpg (92840 Byte) hole-sy6b.jpg (107775 Byte) hotel-sign-l2v.jpg (142534 Byte)
balcony-rf2.jpg (113088 Byte) windows cow-sign-c6q.jpg (91740 Byte) pirate-f5ty.jpg (116640 Byte) plant-lake-f5q.jpg (84118 Byte)
handrail-hc2.jpg (160445 Byte) bridge river meadow-h71.jpg (197519 Byte) flowers grass pharamcy-sign-fv4.jpg (123016 Byte) playground-h4q.jpg (154124 Byte)
basketball-c01l.jpg (130388 Byte) branch-6t2.jpg (144182 Byte) chairs-pumpkin-g3x.jpg (218007 Byte) dragon-5yk.jpg (106678 Byte)
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