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4 Destinations for Finding Winter Sun in Spain

Are you chasing the winter sun? Spain is the destination for you. Well, not the north of Spain, the south. Go to the north of Spain, and you’ll feel the chill. In the south? Temperatures have remained in the 20s; it’s absolute perfection.

And it’s no wonder that so many people flock here for the winter sun – with the sun comes fun, fiestas, and food – the trifecta of greatness. 

Say goodbye to your summer body preparations.

Do you need to know where to go? Read on for 4 of the best destinations.

The Canary Islands

Perched in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are Spain’s answer to winter blues. Each island, from the striking landscapes of Tenerife to the serene beaches of Fuerteventura, is a world unto itself. Here, the winter sun feels like a warm embrace, inviting you to explore the diverse terrains – be it the volcanic fields, lush forests, or the endless coastline.

The Canary Islands aren’t just about basking in the sun; they’re about experiencing a winter that’s alive with possibilities, where every day is an invitation to adventure under the warm winter sun.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol translates to coast of the sun – and it’s living up to its name right now. Blue skies and sunshine are almost always guaranteed – sorry if you go on a rare bad week!

Nestled along the southern coastline of Spain, Costa del Sol lives up to its name. It’s a sun-soaked retreat throughout the year. The region, with its picturesque villages like Marbella and Estepona, is full of culture, incredible cuisine, and coastlines. And it has some of the best things to do in Spain – shopping, casinos, waterparks, the beaches, the list goes on.

Winter here is a subtle affair, a gentle reminder rather than a harsh reality. Costa del Sol is not just a destination; it’s a winter haven where the sun reigns supreme.

And the prices for flights and accommodation are super cheap between January and March.


Almería is overshadowed by its more famous neighbours – but it’s still just as good. If anything, we’d say it’s better. It’s a treasure waiting to be discovered. And, because it’s less popular, it’s often cheaper. The province boasts some of the most sunlight hours during winter in all of Europe – around 5 and a half hours in December. And there’s plenty to do in the sun. Whether you’re spending the day in a Chiringuito or at the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, it’s really a great place to be.

Some of the best towns in Almería are:

  • Velez Blanco
  • Nijar
  • Las Negras
  • Vera


Valencia, the land of good times, and Paella. You’ll eat some of the best food of your life here. And they love to party. The city looks futuristic yet historical – it’s truly beautiful.

The Turia Gardens, a green stretch that snakes through the city, is totally unique. It offers a sun-drenched sanctuary for leisurely strolls or spirited bike rides.

Valencia’s coastline, with its tranquil waters and inviting beaches, is a reminder that even in winter, the sun and sea are a timeless duo, offering moments of tranquillity and togetherness.

Embracing Winter’s Warmth

Now you can chase your winter sun. In the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Almería, and Valencia, the winter sun is a celebration of life’s warmth and light. The party really never stops.

These destinations each have unique charm and warmth. They offer a sanctuary where the winter sun doesn’t just visit but chooses to stay.

Finding winter sun in Spain is not just about escaping the cold; it’s about embracing a different kind of winter. If you’re living somewhere like the UK right now, you’ll definitely want to escape.  It’s a reminder that sometimes, to find warmth in the winter, you don’t have to look too far or spend too much!