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Tips to better Pictures (1)


Avoid camera shake
Hold the camera steady. Use both hands, rest your elbows on your chest and hold your breath as you release the shutter. Take advantage of a wall, post or any other means of steadying support. Use a tripod for shutter speeds of less than 1/60 sec. When using a lens with a long focal length, choose a shutter speed at least as fast as the focal length. For example if the focal length is 100 mm, set the shutter speed to at least 1/100 sec.

As a basic guide, use the "rule of thirds". Position points of interest or areas of colour a third of the way up, and/or along the frame. Putting a point of interest dead centre usually makes for a dull picture. 
Use the frame of a doorway, arch, or trees to emphasize the main subject. Try and find a main point of interest, even in a landscape and exclude the unnecessary. Less is usually more. Try to lead the eye through the picture e.g. with a winding road leading to an interesting tree, mountain or building etc.

Use light
Light is the photographer's paint brush. For outdoor shots, the best light is found during the first two and last two hours of the day, when the sun strikes at a low angle. But some of the best shots are often taken as the sun breaks through a cloud sky, particularly just after a storm. If you're lucky and have the patience to wait, the sun may strike just the right spot in the scene to make a perfect picture. In outdoor portraits, avoid direct sunlight into the subject's eyes causing squinting. It's far better to use fill-in flash. 

x0sturmbaum.JPG (225787 Byte) trees after storm, free picture gallery y5einkfw.JPG (220869 Byte), einkaufswagen einkaufen shopping shoppen x3contain.JPG (217241 Byte), altmetall container reed-c52s.jpg (169611 Byte) reed picture
01v_schafe.JPG (243034 Byte), schafe sheep 02a_geysir.JPG (156628 Byte), geysir geisir gejzir 01u_alter-lkw.JPG (313367 Byte), lastwagen australia outback old truck x2snuntg.JPG (291493 Byte) sunset
ai1_strand.JPG (311698 Byte), strand touristen badetouristen mittelmeer sun-bath field-klr.jpg (216126 Byte) field ae6_gleitschirm.JPG (132053 Byte) parachute ae4_mcd.JPG (81680 Byte), mc donalds hamburger essen abfall
red-watering-can.jpg (92536 Byte) watering can x9schiffzg.JPG (288424 Byte) ship ad1_ski.JPG (279498 Byte), ski schi schifahren schifahrer skifahren skifahrer schnee snow kurve-l53.jpg (136638 Byte) bend
red_hook-zt.jpg (86688 Byte) red hook photo 01x_muehle.JPG (147639 Byte), muehle windmuehle windmill x1wurzeln.JPG (340708 Byte) root, baumwurzel y7figur.JPG (181227 Byte) sculpture
bench-trees_photo.jpg (212083 Byte) bench lake trees red-door_window.jpg (182032 Byte) door window 01w_steine.JPG (261138 Byte) desert smoke-chimney.jpg (121410 Byte) smoke chimney
printer-colors.jpg (137739 Byte) colours printer red-fruits-l2.jpg (169061 Byte) leaf-water-i84.jpg (82379 Byte) water drops after rain leaf wood-bjg5.jpg (219673 Byte) wood photo
broken-glass-9h7q.jpg (139090 Byte) glass picture broken-glass-d4wr.jpg (183358 Byte) bottle glass photo structure-06jn.jpg (172225 Byte) sign old wall-e4dsw.jpg (263371 Byte) wall moos wand
sailing-boat-8j2.jpg (214197 Byte) ocean sailing yacht boat segelschiff leaves-on-water-ik32.jpg (144599 Byte) leaf water sky_lake-trees.jpg (209819 Byte) grass-leaves-d53e.jpg (240788 Byte) leaves picture
birds-sculpture-5t3.jpg (312745 Byte) hands-snow-ldj1.jpg (154049 Byte) frost-kj5d.jpg (183028 Byte) sun-yja3r.jpg (79127 Byte)
branch-water-i8e2.jpg (169976 Byte) water branch ast pic wall-8k9w.jpg (209646 Byte) wall wand foto no-bikes-i47q.jpg (116125 Byte) no bikes picture water-7n8d.jpg (130760 Byte) fountain water picture
yellow-plants.jpg (179096 Byte) plant sky picture water-table-8l3w.jpg (155096 Byte) free picture sky-trees-l72u.jpg (148487 Byte) clouds picture traffic-sign-7j3.jpg (158608 Byte) kids on the road
candle-417.jpg (45911 Byte) picture candle kerze candle-d5l2.jpg (100896 Byte) photo candle kerze candle-f16.jpg (43641 Byte) pic candle candle-s234.jpg (95415 Byte) image candle
fire-59si.jpg (126166 Byte) fire picture fire-ck0q.jpg (122739 Byte) photo fire gutter-rain-q0d3.jpg (118242 Byte) free picture sign-shop-7ib5.jpg (140247 Byte) free image
branch-wall-3u4.JPG (212553 Byte) sign-x5q.jpg (119108 Byte) mirror-photo-g03.jpg (122317 Byte) lock-ve4.jpg (162422 Byte)
dandelion-1h0q.jpg (95917 Byte) plant dandelion-mi84.JPG (107319 Byte) nature meadow-h6q.jpg (270751 Byte) nature meadow-z3h.JPG (295172 Byte) plants
wheel-da7b.jpg (95513 Byte) tree-beach-u3n.jpg (170156 Byte) sunshade-6qj2.jpg (126189 Byte) summer no-dogs-sign-8t.jpg (129458 Byte) animals
automobile-tires-6e8.jpg (138149 Byte) sculpture bicyclist-5si3.jpg (84505 Byte) boar-sculpture-j3c.jpg (216465 Byte) branch-water-b9w.jpg (184626 Byte) waterfall
steps-sea-6t2.jpg (117316 Byte) water stork-z73.jpg (121995 Byte) tiger-car-6b4z.jpg (122719 Byte) painting wall-5q4b.jpg (165101 Byte) stones
screw-nut-9t3.jpg (129902 Byte) rust ski-jumper-z3b7.jpg (94000 Byte) sculpture slab-9e2.jpg (228817 Byte) sunglasses-8sl.jpg (162742 Byte)
balloons-8w0.jpg (100805 Byte) red colors-balls-u2n.jpg (93123 Byte) dog-sign-t5d.jpg (109057 Byte) hayfield-t9v.jpg (185957 Byte) nature
field-b0q.jpg (227790 Byte) nature flame-1h8w.jpg (80636 Byte) windows-house-u3c.jpg (149166 Byte) yellow-blue-7r2.jpg (69448 Byte)
fir-cones-7ai.jpg (141915 Byte) fish-colors-m3z.jpg (92097 Byte) sun-dial-9d1.jpg (103830 Byte) time sunshade-a01o.jpg (115598 Byte)
birds-7wi1.jpg (148676 Byte) fountain butcher-sign-3yp.jpg (131208 Byte) door-latch-z2f.jpg (112847 Byte) duck-7w1.jpg (116787 Byte) sleeping
figurine-6x1.jpg (107687 Byte) fire-escape-635.jpg (104125 Byte) stairs flag-z2yl.jpg (146890 Byte) colours flower-z57s.jpg (135787 Byte)
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