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The Federation of Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. It consists of two geographical regions divided by the South China Sea:

West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia, Malay Peninsula) shares a land frontier in the north with Thailand and is connected by a causeway and a bridge in the south with the island state of Singapore;
East Malaysia, the northern part of the island of Borneo, is bordered to the south by Indonesia and borders the Sultanate of Brunei on the east, south, and west.
Malaysia's population is comprised of many ethnic groups, with the politically dominant Malays making up the majority. By constitutional definition, all Malays are Muslim. About a quarter of the population are Chinese, who have historically played an important role in trade and business. Malaysians of Indian descent comprise about 7% of the population and include Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and Buddhists. About 85% of the Indian community is Tamil, but various other groups are represented, including Malayalis, Punjabis, and Chettiars.

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in Malaysia and the capital of the federation. Within Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is almost always abbreviated to KL. The executive branch of the Malaysian Government has shifted to a new administrative capital, Putrajaya, but the residence of the King of Malaysia, the Parliament of Malaysia, and the judicial branch remain in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is one of the three Federal Territories, and is an enclave within the state of Selangor, on the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur Where to go in Malaysia
Malaysia is so big and offers so much, that you need to consider what kind(s) of experience you are looking for. For a sea and beach holiday, islands in Kedah and Terengganu states in Peninsular Malaysia offer crystal clear waters with great diving and fabulous beaches. Some have mangroves rich in wildlife, and although the modern tourist infrastructure is all there, local people still farm and fish in the traditional way. Langkawi Island is one of 99 islands off the coast of Kedah, and here you can hire a car and explore the island, or ride the cable car up to the top of Mount Mat Cincang. In Terengganu, Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian offer jungle trekking, boating, deep sea fishing and golf in addition to the beach. (Pulau Perhentian has two islands to choose from, Besar (more expensive and developed) and Kecil (cheaper and more for backpackers.)
For adventure, head for Mount Kinabalu in Sabah State where you can climb the worlds’ highest via ferrata (up to 3,800 metres, good head for heights essential!), or go trekking at 1,500 metres in the Cameron Highlands in Pahang State, among lovely little villages and farms. Wildlife-lovers can visit the elephant orphanage sanctuary at Kuala Gandah in Panang State, or the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary in Sabah. If you just want to experience the culture of Malaysia, the Sarawak Cultural Village shows traditional daily life in this region, while the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur is the largest museum of Islamic art in all of Southeast Asia.

Where to stay in KL
Many backpackers like to stay in the lively ‘Golden Triangle’ area of the city, where Rainforest Bed and Breakfast is a budget hotel with safe boxes and encoded key cards for every room. Near China town and the central market is the colonial-style building housing the brilliantly named Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur, which has a rooftop bar hosting lively parties. Well located in the centre of the city is the Aloft KL Sentral, a 3 star hotel near the main railway station and handy for the business district, with a fitness centre and pool. Near the Petronas Twin Towers there are some more luxurious options: the Mandarin Oriental hotel offers you stylish rooms equipped with DVD players and iPod docks; the slightly cheaper Hotel Maya has an indoor pool and cable TV, as well as 24 hr room service.

malaysia-01.jpg (215409 Byte) Sultan Abdul, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-02.jpg (199948 Byte) Malaysia, Sultan Abdul, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-18.jpg (183406 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-22.jpg (155657 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, May Bank Tower, Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-20.jpg (147841 Byte) Malaysia, May Bank Tower, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-28.jpg (138116 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-14.jpg (142568 Byte) Malaysia, street, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-03.jpg (218115 Byte) Malaysia, Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-15.jpg (166406 Byte) Malaysia, restaurant Eden Village, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-04.jpg (185473 Byte) Malaysia, mosque , Kuala Lumpur malaysia-25.jpg (158983 Byte) Malaysia, ime Bank, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-16.jpg (167467 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-13.jpg (156234 Byte) Malaysia,  Central Market, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-19.jpg (124671 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-05.jpg (173430 Byte) Malaysia, mosque  Kuala Lumpur malaysia-06.jpg (175147 Byte) Malaysia, mosque  Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-24.jpg (179635 Byte) Malaysia, Shahzan Prudential Tower, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-29.jpg (141595 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-21.jpg (147248 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-17.jpg (124259 Byte) Malaysia, Menara Tower, Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-10.jpg (177528 Byte) Malaysia, Pandang malaysia-07.jpg (257324 Byte) Malaysia, Mosque Jaune malaysia-08.jpg (161799 Byte) Malaysia, mosque Jaune malaysia-11.jpg (186877 Byte) Malaysia, trainstation
malaysia-30.jpg (184628 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-32.jpg (173120 Byte) Malaysia, Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-26.jpg (151414 Byte) Malaysia, Sime Bank Bldg, Kuala Lumpur malaysia-27.jpg (133233 Byte) Down Town  Kuala Lumpur
malaysia-12.jpg (182360 Byte) Malaysia, railwaystation malaysia-35.jpg (204468 Byte) Malaysia, Chinatown malaysia-33.jpg (206923 Byte) Malaysia, Chinese Temple malaysia-09.jpg (107061 Byte) Malaysia, mosque Jaune
malaysia-31.jpg (194151 Byte) Malaysia, Ruins in the middle of Down Town malaysia-34.jpg (169029 Byte) Malaysia, National Mosque malaysia-36.jpg (157751 Byte) Malaysia, National Mosque malaysia-23.jpg (296318 Byte) Malaysia, Down Town
malaysia-47.jpg (199297 Byte) Malaysia, waterfall in Cameron Highlands malaysia-45.jpg (313129 Byte) Malaysia, native huts in Cameron Highlands malaysia-48.jpg (183450 Byte) Malaysia, boy playing in river malaysia-49.jpg (336977 Byte) Malaysia, "Boh" teaplantation
malaysia-44.jpg (308672 Byte) Malaysia, native huts in Cameron Highlands malaysia-51.jpg (278794 Byte) Malaysia, "Boh" teaplantation malaysia-50.jpg (319702 Byte) Malaysia, "Boh" teaplantation malaysia-61.jpg (286875 Byte) malaysia, native huts in Cameron Highlands
malaysia-53.jpg (121125 Byte) malaysia, flower, Hibicus malaysia-43.jpg (188831 Byte) Malaysia, flowers malaysia-52.jpg (128668 Byte) malaysia, flower
malaysia-46.jpg (126465 Byte) Malaysia, kids, children malaysia-59.jpg (378034 Byte) malaysia, forest in Cameron Highlands malaysia-60.jpg (228607 Byte) malaysia, palm Trees in Cameron Highlands
malaysia-58.jpg (208211 Byte) malaysia, banana trees in the forest malaysia-56.jpg (246301 Byte) malaysia, hotel in Cameron Highlands malaysia-57.jpg (126027 Byte) malaysia, room in the hotel Cameron Highlands
malaysia-62.jpg (327811 Byte) malaysia, native huts in Cameron Highlands malaysia-63.jpg (161634 Byte) malaysia, malaysia-64.jpg (134196 Byte) malaysia, malaysia-65.jpg (208351 Byte) malaysia,
malaysia-66.jpg (242729 Byte) malaysia, malaysia-67.jpg (159834 Byte) malaysia, malaysia-68.jpg (201985 Byte) malaysia, malaysia-69.jpg (192401 Byte) malaysia, fisherboats around Penang
malaysia-70.jpg (174804 Byte) malaysia,sunset malaysia-71.jpg (154337 Byte)V sunset malaysia-72.jpg (190253 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, street life, streetlife malaysia-73.jpg (179590 Byte) malaysia, sreet facade, streetfacade
malaysia-74.jpg (175561 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, street facade, streetfacade malaysia-75.jpg (186729 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, street market, streetmarket malaysia-76.jpg (187734 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, temple, beggars temple, beggarstemple malaysia-77.jpg (220534 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, money changers
malaysia-78.jpg (173604 Byte) malaysia,temple, hindi temple malaysia-79.jpg (250065 Byte) malaysia, Georgetown, streetfacade, street facade malaysia-80.jpg (150807 Byte) malaysia, mosque in Georgtown malaysia-81.jpg (139640 Byte) malaysia, roofs in Chinatown
malaysia-82.jpg (209838 Byte) malaysia, ornaments in temple malaysia-83.jpg (208985 Byte) malaysia, temple, in the mountains malaysia-84.jpg (229318 Byte) malaysia, temple, in the mountains malaysia-85.jpg (106755 Byte) malaysia, statue, temple
malaysia-86.jpg (156720 Byte) malaysia, temple malaysia-87.jpg (131814 Byte) malaysia, temple malaysia-88.jpg (120164 Byte) malaysia, temple malaysia-89.jpg (173665 Byte) malaysia, temple
malaysia-90.jpg (170032 Byte) malaysia, detail in the temple malaysia-91.jpg (162037 Byte) malaysia, detail in the temple malaysia-92.jpg (148035 Byte) malaysia, detail in the temple malaysia-93.jpg (248060 Byte) malaysia,
malaysia-94.jpg (289311 Byte) malaysia, stone relief, stonerelief malaysia-95.jpg (223128 Byte) malaysia, view over Georgetown malaysia-96.jpg (236733 Byte) malaysia, thai temple in Georgetown malaysia-97.jpg (259958 Byte) malaysia, thai temple
malaysia-98.jpg (180960 Byte) malaysia, detail in the thai temple malaysia-99.jpg (163142 Byte) malaysia, thai temple, detail, thaitemple malaysia-a01.jpg (252689 Byte) malaysia, thaitemple in Georgetown malaysia-a02.jpg (297390 Byte) malaysia, detail in thai temple
malaysia-a03.jpg (197901 Byte) malaysia, thaitemple, thai temple malaysia-a04.jpg (184022 Byte) malaysia, statue in thaitemple malaysia-a05.jpg (193774 Byte) malaysia, rock of Ipoh
malaysia-a07.jpg (218265 Byte) malaysia, temple of Ipoh, Jpoh malaysia-a06.jpg (231917 Byte) malaysia, temple of Jpoh malaysia-a08.jpg (174423 Byte) malaysia, detail in the temple of Ipoh
malaysia-42.jpg (248333 Byte) Malaysia, turtles malaysia-54.jpg (121347 Byte) malaysia, flowers malaysia-55.jpg (151927 Byte) malaysia, flower malaysia-38.jpg (142160 Byte) Malaysia, butterfly, Schmetterling
malaysia-37.jpg (123928 Byte) Malaysia, butterfly malaysia-40.jpg (236357 Byte) Malaysia, butterfly, Schmetterling malaysia-41.jpg (118965 Byte) Malaysia, butterfly malaysia-39.jpg (209225 Byte) Malaysia, butterfly


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