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Tips to better pictures (2) 


Fill the frame
People shots vary from close up head-shots to full-length. Whatever you choose, fill the frame with your subject, don't leave lots of space around them unless it adds information. A garden may be interesting if you're taking a portrait of a gardener, but otherwise concentrate on the subject and keep the picture uncluttered. This applies to all subjects, including still life, not just people. 

Add scale
When taking a photograph, you are there, experiencing the surroundings. That memory will remain with you. But for the person who sees only the finished picture, it's difficult to judge scale. A towering cliff, a high waterfall or vast beach, for example, have no dimension unless seen against something of a recognizable size, such as a person or building. These elements add impact.

Give depth
Depth adds a three-dimensional feel to a flat picture. For example, branches of a tree in the foreground, a building in the middle ground and mountains in the background assist the eye by drawing it from one element to the next. A wide angle lens can extend this perspective, whilst a long focal-length can compress it.

mikado-j4s.jpg (120955 Byte) pick up sticks, micado mikado x5wasserspr.JPG (119019 Byte), wasserspeier gargoyle 02c_bootsverleih.JPG (166771 Byte) ac2_rollstuhl.JPG (204117 Byte), motorrad rollstuhl bike wheelchair
pearl-necklace.jpg (185602 Byte) pearl necklace, perlenkette do-not_enter.jpg (172008 Byte) do not enter aa2_ballone.JPG (201600 Byte), ballon balon luftbalon luftballon balloon paper-color-j3s.jpg (173165 Byte) paper colors
y6ufer.JPG (171693 Byte), lake river flussufer seeufer shore stone-wall-98f.jpg (251099 Byte) stones wall aa5_wandbild.JPG (149620 Byte) wall children ai7_zagreb.JPG (177580 Byte) kiosk, newsstand
02g_houston-astrdm.JPG (160455 Byte), Houston astrodome beach-chair-5.jpg (250223 Byte) beach chair sunshade ai5_primosten.JPG (178762 Byte) sea, meer trees-sky-mu3.jpg (175506 Byte) trees evening picture
plastic-ice_cube.jpg (117676 Byte) plastic ice cube 01y_fenster.JPG (235838 Byte) architecture ac9_flugzeug.JPG (146583 Byte), landeanflug landung landing airplane flugzeug y3baume.JPG (297974 Byte) tree winter
stones_tower-3.jpg (164765 Byte) stones tower stones_tower_1.jpg (127769 Byte) stones tower stones_tower-2.jpg (158217 Byte) stones tower bottle-shadow.jpg (83330 Byte) shadow of a green bottle in sunshine
bark-of_tree.jpg (186900 Byte) tree bark blue-shop-dummy.jpg (140329 Byte) shop dummies 02b_annapurna-nepal.JPG (301569 Byte) mountains nepal 02h_grd-canyon.JPG (325615 Byte) grand canyon free images gallery
water-tap-7u62.jpg (112650 Byte) water picture flash egg-0o02.jpg (107275 Byte) egg-8il1.jpg (113308 Byte) egg-vku2.jpg (81106 Byte)
trees-water-gh2q.jpg (124383 Byte) tree-il2a.jpg (324126 Byte) sculpture-basket-842u.jpg (206986 Byte) shadows-trees-olh4.jpg (270277 Byte)
newspaper-hu2g.jpg (116998 Byte) newspaper in air picture pylon-j78i.jpg (132996 Byte) picture sun pylon tree-face-7c1.jpg (221044 Byte) sign-f6z2.jpg (136854 Byte) red sign winter
water-g73w.jpg (146788 Byte) picture water multiple-exposure-7nk3.jpg (141710 Byte) tree river-winter-d8i2.jpg (118457 Byte) picture river cherries-d6k8.jpg (173380 Byte) picture cherries
lake-sun-r5n8.jpg (142625 Byte) picture lake reading-7y5.jpg (204065 Byte) sculpture reading leaf-dew-8g5.jpg (155806 Byte) photo nature sculpture-y83n.jpg (205205 Byte)
moon-city-i4.jpg (98761 Byte) fog-tree-n8k.jpg (202868 Byte) camera-man-z83e.jpg (117770 Byte) cow-heidi-0u7.jpg (110669 Byte) plastic cow
plants-sky-d8k6.jpg (136960 Byte) picture sky car-street-8i6.jpg (105578 Byte) multiple exposure flowers-lake-z5h.jpg (217323 Byte) people-lake-i3w.jpg (105903 Byte)
wall-a81b.jpg (296439 Byte) ice-cream-sign.jpg (98623 Byte) facade-j7n.jpg (99979 Byte) blue-black-7n2.jpg (64628 Byte)
yellow-green-l2y.JPG (145565 Byte) landscape yellow-green-x5h.JPG (187543 Byte) agriculture rapeseed-wn6.JPG (173440 Byte) plants people-clouds-z5x.JPG (91477 Byte) landscape
air-mattress-7r2.jpg (221558 Byte) beach church-bell-4a8.jpg (112129 Byte) clothes-y03j.jpg (125169 Byte) tree-floor-3vq.jpg (237433 Byte) roots
anchor-c7w8.jpg (207003 Byte) apple-7n4e.jpg (140247 Byte) balloons-f6n2.jpg (86461 Byte) beacon-i3gb.jpg (102790 Byte) Light
beach-mountains-8w3.jpg (135633 Byte) bus alps crown-0d1u.jpg (131638 Byte) tavern sign dog-sign-4c3.jpg (101602 Byte) machinery-6xz2.jpg (122461 Byte)
bear-v8i.jpg (115930 Byte) sign chef-u3y7.jpg (117383 Byte) cooking gloves-i3v.jpg (148535 Byte) winter shop guitar-d82w.jpg (116137 Byte) music
black-white-03h.jpg (113188 Byte) barrage design-door-u19q.jpg (78184 Byte) highway-i5t.JPG (155339 Byte) construction ice-cream-man.jpg (172319 Byte) shop window
beet-9x8.jpg (187583 Byte) vegetable bicycle-t2y.jpg (228648 Byte) chain-8w1.jpg (130951 Byte) eye-7q9i.jpg (130943 Byte)
birds-k7a4.jpg (89923 Byte) construction-gy4b.jpg (165963 Byte) cranes-trees-6v0.jpg (216134 Byte) fir-cone-star.jpg (188246 Byte)
flowers-house-7w8.jpg (180453 Byte) hands-face-5w6j.jpg (93068 Byte) pictogram justice-5t2q.jpg (95735 Byte) letter-box-3x9.jpg (106630 Byte)
candles-z2v.jpg (109982 Byte) chicken-3jyx.jpg (162872 Byte) flags-736j.jpg (96714 Byte) garage-door-ship.jpg (98154 Byte)
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