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Sky, Sunset, Clouds Pictures


The color of the sky is a result of diffuse sky radiation. On a sunny day the Earth sky usually looks as a blue gradient - dark in the zenith, light near the horizon.  Sunset is the time at which the sun disappears below the horizon in the west. The sunset is often more brightly coloured than the sunrise because there is more dust at the end of the day than at its beginning.

UV Absorbing Filters 
Ultraviolet filters, sometimes called sky filters, provide a basic reduction in the UV light found especially at high altitudes where the UV-absorbing atmosphere is thinner. UV light causes a blue colour cast in photographs or loss of detail, particularly when photographing over long distances in either colour or black-and-white. Haze caused by UV light should not be confused with haze caused by airborne particles such as smog. The latter absorbs visible light as well as UV light and is not removed by a UV filter. Ultraviolet filters are made with a variety of absorption levels with some tinted to give added warmth and better colours. UV filters may be left on the lens as protection against dust, moisture, scratches, fingerprints and breakage.

01_sky.jpg (98168 Byte) sky, cloud, free pics 02_sky.jpg (106107 Byte) City of Zug, Switzerland, sky, dark clouds, himmel, wolken, bilder 03_sky.jpg (112812 Byte) sunset, sonnenuntergang, free pictures 25_sky.jpg (108829 Byte) sunset, free pic
07_sky.jpg (108337 Byte) clouds, wolken 12_sky.jpg (145137 Byte) sun clouds sunset, sonne wolken 04_sky.jpg (115402 Byte) himmel, sky, wolken 10_sky.jpg (148239 Byte) cloud, wolken
08_sky.jpg (105514 Byte) clouds, sky, wolken, himmel, photos free download sunset-clouds-l43.jpg (62946 Byte) sunset clouds 13_sky.jpg (102897 Byte) sky, nebo cloud-sun-8dq.jpg (125655 Byte)
white_cloud_sky.jpg (102541 Byte) white cloud 14_sky.jpg (125072 Byte) sky, branch, sunset, sonnenuntergang, see sunset-clouds-mg5.jpg (108540 Byte) sky sunset 06_sky.jpg (129482 Byte) dark clouds, dunkle wolken, free download
22_sky.jpg (103511 Byte) sun sunset free photos cloud-sky-ble.jpg (60027 Byte) clouds sky sunset 18_sky.jpg (103020 Byte) soleil, sonne, sun, 15_sky.jpg (122712 Byte) clouds, wolken, freie bilder
09_sky.jpg (111258 Byte) clouds wolke  sky-lake_cloud.jpg (94806 Byte) cloud sky lake  cloud-sky-c8m.jpg (60721 Byte) white cloud sky 16_sky.jpg (107942 Byte) evening, sunset,
17_sky.jpg (170371 Byte) sun, sunset, sonne, sunce sonnenuntergang, soleil, sole 19_sky.jpg (132784 Byte) clouds, sky, photographs moon.jpg (239612 Byte) moon night mond  21_sky.jpg (137043 Byte) sun, purple, sunset, sol
rainbow.jpg (143030 Byte) rainbow, regenbogen rainbow-trees-0r7.jpg (95445 Byte) rain bow photo rainbow-b57r.jpg (114144 Byte) rainbow picture bild regenbogen 23_sky.jpg (106694 Byte) sun clouds evening free picture
27_sky.jpg (110170 Byte) lake sunset, sonnenuntergang see dark_clouds-4.jpg (105632 Byte) clouds grey sky 26_sky.jpg (129564 Byte) clouds, free photos 24_sky.jpg (109866 Byte) clouds, cloud, wolke, gratisbilder
clouds-sky-hbf4.jpg (95941 Byte) clouds sky-picture_clouds.jpg (93802 Byte) sunset clouds white_cloud-light.jpg (83149 Byte) white cloud light sky-kondensstreifen-7t3.jpg (192549 Byte) vapor trail
altocumulus-lenticularis.jpg (89248 Byte) altocumulus lenticularis foehn sun-m7f.jpg (78302 Byte) red sun sunset-jv5.jpg (129722 Byte) sun white-clouds-sky-k75.jpg (95362 Byte) white clouds
sky-sunset-lx.jpg (104063 Byte) lake clouds sun sunset sun-sunset-8x2.jpg (114794 Byte) red clouds sunset sunset-clouds-8kv.jpg (137304 Byte) clouds sunset cumolo-nimbus-23.jpg (112721 Byte) cloud picture
cloud-6vb8.jpg (86132 Byte) picture cloud cloud-pic-h71a.jpg (49138 Byte) photo cloud cloud-picture-nj6d.jpg (102379 Byte) cloud image clouds-418d.jpg (53188 Byte) cloud pic
clouds462h.jpg (73549 Byte) cloud photo clouds-iv4q.jpg (72388 Byte) cloud sunset cloud-sky-nbf4.jpg (111599 Byte) sunset sky clouds-mbgh.jpg (82074 Byte) sky cloud
05_sky.jpg (158876 Byte) lightning, blitz, sky, himmel, pictures free download lightning-sky-4d.jpg (99047 Byte) lightning picture lightning-2a7z.jpg (100111 Byte) lightning flash-lightning-dw8.jpg (95344 Byte) lightning
sun-h7jeq.jpg (109762 Byte) picture sunset  clouds-hzg5.jpg (107929 Byte) fisheye sky sun  cloud-qlm6.jpg (135340 Byte) photo clouds cloud-v7u6.jpg (125310 Byte) cloud picture cumulus
clouds-4jf6.jpg (93199 Byte) picture white cloud sunset-clouds-ni2.jpg (79173 Byte) sunset image free 20_sky.jpg (133739 Byte) vapour vapor trail, sky, kondensstreifen am himmel clouds-kij2m.jpg (103997 Byte) picture clouds
 clouds-sunset-m7y.jpg (80774 Byte) sunset picture moon-sky.jpg (75018 Byte) moon night photo clouds-v7u2.jpg (130745 Byte) altocumulus lenticularis foehn föhn wolke cloud  sky-sunset-mw.jpg (100800 Byte) clouds picture
clouds-hz6b.jpg (110182 Byte) white clouds fischauge-hz7.jpg (102963 Byte) sky picture clouds-huk2.jpg (115790 Byte) sun-cbm7.jpg (131675 Byte) sunset cloud foto
sunset-yvxc.jpg (107628 Byte) lake sunset   Cloud Image   Cloud   Alps, Clouds
sunset-bzf4.jpg (102542 Byte) clouds evening  Clouds Mountains clouds-rain-hr2.jpg (107388 Byte) cloud-rain-ft3s.jpg (127785 Byte) dark clouds raining
clouds-7ci.jpg (93852 Byte) sky cloud-r4hy.jpg (71171 Byte) clouds-x5q.jpg (81791 Byte) white-cloud-8m5.JPG (102477 Byte)
cloud-e8w1.jpg (99798 Byte) nature clouds-3aic.jpg (83623 Byte) meteo clouds-sky-r19q.jpg (92288 Byte) cloud-xpw7.jpg (95542 Byte) meteorology
clouds-6w1.jpg (86656 Byte) nature clouds-evening-tb5.jpg (87288 Byte) clouds-rk8c.jpg (97935 Byte) blue sky grey-clouds-7w8.jpg (66548 Byte) bad weather
sunset-by7m.jpg (98805 Byte) clouds sunset-clouds-u7b.jpg (97191 Byte) sunset-x2yi.jpg (81852 Byte) cloud-qo2n.jpg (101307 Byte)
clouds-1p5y.jpg (119901 Byte) cloud-va7t.jpg (96458 Byte) cloud-ymx7.jpg (93261 Byte) cloud-ak7c.jpg (101415 Byte)
Cloud   Lake Sunset   Swiss Alps, Clouds   Clouds Alps


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