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Urban Photographers: Which Cities to Visit?

If you are a photographer and have the privilege to travel and take photographs, it is hard to decide what to see first. Modern cities are full of lights, infrastructure, architecture and people. City life that gets spontaneously captured on photography is the best kind of urban art. Start with famous cities, and you can’t go wrong with that. World-famous buildings, attractions and locations will help your photos to engage with an enormous number of people. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great choice and must be number one on the list. The city is famous for casinos, neon signs and hotels. If you are looking for entertainment and want to have fun while taking pictures, this is the city for you. Take a virtual tour through Fremont Street and the Strip to see what to expect. Virtual tours and online casino-themed games for Las Vegas fans will show you the vibe of the city. Casinos have a strict policy about taking pictures for that photographers can quickly be escorted to the door if they would like to visit. The whole Las Vegas is casino-themed, and you can easily find attractions and open public places that are casino-style that are allowed to get photographed. Many attractions have virtual tours now, and on their websites, you can see the privacy policy about photographing.


The windy city is most famous for street food, polish sausage, deep-dish pizza, and hot dogs are something every tourist should try in Chicago. Culture is a big part of the city. Gangsters that lived there inspired many attractions and museums, and Al Capone is a familiar name from that world. Every urban photographer should see the Sears Tower, now it is called Willis Tower, but the first name will stick with it forever. 360′ and Skydeck are attractions that will give urban scenery from a different angle to every photographer. 360′ and Skydeck are attractions that will give urban scenery from a different angle to every photographer, look at the big city from the bird’s perspective and take complex urban photography from above.

New York

New York is the biggest city by the number of people, and it is also called the Big Apple. The Statue of Liberty in the face of New York, take a guided sightseeing tour through New York, and you will see famous scenery from movies and T.V. series like the Empire State building. For a different perspective, take a ride with a helicopter or visit New York Catacombs by candlelight. From Little Italy to Chinatown, these neighbourhoods are worlds on their own. Authentic experience of cuisine, street markets and petite specialized Italian or Chinese shops with food, beverages and other stuff from their home will take you on a trip around the world.

The multiculturalism of these cities is their main advantage that will be useful and enjoyable for every urban photographer and passionate traveller. A mix of different cultures in one place makes art eclectic, diverse, interesting. Start with famous streets and attractions, and they will lead you to unknown alleys with hidden treasure.