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Croatia, Hrvatska


According to the country’s tourist board, Croatia’s Adriatic coast is “the Mediterranean as it once was”, and indeed most of the tourists who make it the 18th most popular destination in the world flock either to the Istrian peninsula in the north or the Dalmatian coast further south. Croatia has 7 sites on Unesco’s World Heritage list. The Romans were there from the 1st to the 7th century AD, and they left behind many well preserved buildings of great interest. Other architectural influences include Venice (Istria is the closest part of Croatia to Italy) and Austria. Italians still make up the largest number of visitors, and Istrian restaurants serve excellent sea food and pasta. Its coastline is a mixture of rocky coves and open sandy beaches, and numerous holiday complexes provide accommodation for sun and sea worshippers.
Lado, music and dance Off the Croatian coast lie over 1,000 magical islands, of which only around 50 are inhabited. An increasingly popular way to see some of them is to join a sailing ship with about 30 passengers and a crew of five. In a week you will visit seven islands, typically arriving in the afternoon and spending the night on the boat in harbour, before leaving after breakfast for the next island. More comfortable, but possibly less fun, are the many cruise liners calling at ports in Dalmatia, allowing passengers to spend a day there. Indeed, if you prefer to explore Split or Dubrovnik in peace and quiet, it is a good idea to look at the schedule of cruise ship arrivals and choose a day when there isn’t one due!
Although one of the more touristy places in Istria, Rovinj presents an opportunity to see one of the last true fishing ports in this part of the world.

My favourite among the Roman remains is the remarkably preserved amphitheatre in the Istrian regional town of Pula. Still sufficiently intact to be used for concerts and shows, it is a fascinating place to spend an hour. There are many other Roman buildings in this largely unspoiled shipbuilding, fishing and winemaking centre, with its mild climate and fine views of the Adriatic. For a small town, Pula offers good nightlife.

Lying beneath the mountain of Biokovo, Split’s brilliant white buildings contrast with the deep blue of the Adriatic. The Roman Emperor Diocletian built his retirement home here, which says something about its beautiful coastline and mild climate. From Split you can go on a day trip to see the biggest waterfalls in Dalmatia in the Krka National Park.

With its atmospheric old town, Dubrovnik is full of history. A good way to see it is to take the 2.5 km city walls walk, but you need to be reasonably fit as there are a lot of steps, many of them steep. Alternatively, for excellent views of the town and the stunning Dalmatian coastline, take the vertiginous cable car up to the fort.

Dalmatia now attracts visitors throughout the year. Temperatures are typically around 30 degrees in July and August at the height of the tourist season, but September is still very pleasant and less busy. Even winter months in the coastal parts of Croatia are mild.

Croatia expects to be a full member of the EU by July 2013. Its capital, Zagreb, began as two medieval hill top fortresses overlooking the Sava River. It is a city still noted for its medieval streets and architecture, as well as 19th century palaces and open air markets. As the country’s capital, it is the centre of cultural activity and sport – something that Croatia increasingly excels at.

croatia-flag.jpg (51867 Byte) Croatia Flag cro016.jpg (153083 Byte) Zagreb, King Tomislav kralj koenig denkmal sculpture skulptur Hrvatska Croatia Kroatien cro014.jpg (209331 Byte) Zagreb, Jelacic Place trg Kroatien Croatia Hrvatska slike free pic cro017.jpg (164537 Byte) Zagreb, Jelacic Place trg neboder Croatia Hrvatska Kroatien
cro015.jpg (226901 Byte) Zagreb, Jelacic Place trg Croatia Hrvatska free pic cro018.jpg (240936 Byte) Krka waterfalls wasserfall wasserfaelle wasserfälle slapovi krke Hrvatska Kroatien Croatia cro008.jpg (186959 Byte) Sibenik, Old Town altstadt Croatia Kroatien Hrvatska free photo gallery cro010.jpg (167570 Byte) Sibenik, Kathedral Sv. Jakov katedrala kathedrale kirche free pic
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grill-sheep-lkx.jpg (84075 Byte) sheep grill cro003.jpg (223595 Byte) Excursions excursionboat exkursionsboot ausflugsboot ausflugsschiff Hrvatska Kroatien Croatia photo cro002.jpg (153016 Byte) Fisherman in Croatia fischerboot Hrvatska Kroatien cro005.jpg (225428 Byte) Boats in Primosten boote schiffe pic photo gallery Croatia Hrvatska Kroatien
cro004.jpg (130265 Byte) Old woman in Primosten Hrvatska Croatia Kroatien cro009.jpg (257067 Byte) Coast near Primosten kueste küste in Kroatein Croatia Hrvatska free pic campground.jpg (175164 Byte) Campground near Sibenik croatia-sheep-na9.jpg (127347 Byte) sheep Croatia near Trogir
plitvica-lakes.jpg (192525 Byte) plitvica lakes waterfalls, plitvicka jezera, national park primosten_croatia.jpg (211009 Byte) Croatia, Primosten croatia_coast-4s.jpg (251413 Byte) Croatia near Primosten cro011.jpg (125082 Byte) Primosten Croatia Hrvatska Kroatien bilder pictures photos
ship-marina-croatia-34s.jpg (118554 Byte) small ship in Marina, Croatia marina-croatia-jg3.jpg (99111 Byte) village of Marina, Croatia cro007.jpg (198223 Byte) CoastNorth of Primosten küste kueste fotos photos pic stone-wall-md7.jpg (193124 Byte) stone wall Dalmatia
croatia-omis.jpg (124964 Byte) Omis Croatia omis-croatia.jpg (84575 Byte) Omis, Croatia cetina-omis-croatia.jpg (112844 Byte) Omis, River Cetina cetina-canyon.jpg (88090 Byte) River Cetina near Omis
cro019.jpg (189980 Byte) Trogir loggia Hrvatska Croatia Kroatien kornati_island_02.jpg (151637 Byte) Croatia, Kornati islands, pictures Croatia travel  cro001.jpg (195935 Byte) Bus, Atlas Tours autobus Croatia magistrala Hrvatska Kroatien
cro020.jpg (173662 Byte) Split, Kathedral Sv. Duje kathedrale kirche glockenturm Croatia Kroatien Hrvatska photo gallery cro013.jpg (235634 Byte) Split, Harbour hafen schiffe faehren fähren Hrvatska Croatia Kroatien photos free download cro012.jpg (232960 Byte) Split, Diokletian palace roman ruins in Croatia Hrvatska roemische ruinen römische in Kroatien fotos cro006.jpg (283386 Byte) Solin, Roman ruins in Croatia Hrvatska Kroatien ruinen archäologie archaeology photos
kornati_islands-04.jpg (135190 Byte) Kornati islands, Croatia kornati_islands-05.jpg (200547 Byte) Croatia, Kornati islands kornati_islands-01.jpg (145177 Byte) Croatia, Kornati islands kornati_islands-03.jpg (116993 Byte) Croatia, Kornati islands
fire-2.jpg (80281 Byte) forest fire near Trogir, Croatia fire-4.jpg (73957 Byte) forest fire near Trogir, Croatia after-fire-2.jpg (226072 Byte) after fire near Marina Kremik after-fire-1.jpg (235196 Byte) forest fire


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