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There is often confusion about the name Holland. Some people call the Netherlands ‘Holland’, but it is not the same. Holland is only a small part of the Netherlands, which is divided into twelve provinces, only two of which, Noord Holland and Zuid Holland are properly called ‘Holland’. To add to the confusion, both the language and the people of the Netherlands are called ‘Dutch’.
> Alkmaar is typical of a small historic town in Holland. It has a pretty city centre with canals and gable-topped houses, and is surrounded by water. At the world famous cheese market you can witness the traditional weighing of cheeses and the colourful cheese carriers.
The Mills at Kinderdijk: Kinderdijk is located 60 miles south of Amsterdam. Here nineteen glorious masterpieces, all dating from 1740, compete for the visitors' attention. In 1997, the Kinderdijk mills were placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Deltaplan: In 1953 the Netherlands was confronted with the worst natural disaster in its history. During an extremely strong storm, the North Sea flooded the river-delta of the southern part of Holland. No less than 1,835 people were killed, 47,000 houses were destroyed, 48 km of dykes were burst, and 139 km of dykes were damaged. The Dutch government decided "this should never happen again" and started later that year the 'Deltaplan'. This development plan, which has been declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, involved building a series of dams, sluices and storm surge barriers to protect a large area of the southwest of the Netherlands from the sea.
Lelystad, only dozens of years old, is the capital of the reclaimed province of Flevoland. In 1967, the first inhabitants arrived and the city has grown to well over 60,000 inhabitants. This city, located on the water, is ideal for water sport activities. The many tourist and cultural-historical attractions ensure that you will have a whale of time in this unique part of Holland.

Hotels in the Netherlands
There are a few hotel chains you could choose from that operate throughout the Netherlands, offering consistently reliable accommodation. NH Hoteles has 4- and 5-star hotels, and 3-star inns all over the country from Amsterdam to Maastricht, and from the hills of Zuid Limburg to the coast, including Rotterdam. This chain has twelve hotels in Amsterdam alone, all with the NH prefix to their name, like the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky and the NH Museum Quarter. WestCord Hotels is much smaller, having only three hotels in Amsterdam, and fourteen hotels in total, but it remains very much a Dutch family business. Each hotel is unique and offers a different experience, whether in the city, countryside or on the beach, as in the Frisian Wadden Islands, where they have six hotels. At the other end of the scale, the giant international Accor hotel chain operates 42 hotels in the Netherlands, ranging in price from the luxury Sofit Legend The Grand Amsterdam, through the mid-range, 4-star Novotels, to the budget ibis hotels, of which there are sixteen in the country as a whole. All these three hotel chains cater for business customers and provide meeting spaces, as well as suiting individual travellers and families.

038-alkmaar.jpg (161433 Byte) Alkmaar 037-alkmaar.jpg (167371 Byte) Alkmaar 019-alkmaar.jpg (133395 Byte) Alkmaar Holland picture
021-alkmaar.jpg (173761 Byte) Alkmaar 023-alkmaar.jpg (130370 Byte) Alkmaar 024-alkmaar.jpg (129334 Byte) Alkmaar 035-alkmaar.jpg (151586 Byte) Alkmaar
020-alkmaar.jpg (139467 Byte) Alkmaar 036-alkmaar.jpg (128852 Byte) Alkmaar 022-alkmaar.jpg (154365 Byte) Alkmaar 046-kinderdijk.jpg (147888 Byte) Kinderdijk
048-kinderdijk.jpg (117585 Byte) Kinderdijk 047-kinderdijk.jpg (108652 Byte) Kinderdijk 051-kinderdijk.jpg (115543 Byte) Kinderdijk 053-kinderdijk.jpg (112845 Byte) Kinderdijk
050-kinderdijk.jpg (158802 Byte) Kinderdijk 049-kinderdijk.jpg (123931 Byte) Kinderdijk 052-kinderdijk.jpg (127462 Byte) Kinderdijk 054-kinderdijk.jpg (130276 Byte) Kindeerdijk
055-delta-plan.jpg (148687 Byte) Delta Plan 056-delta-plan.jpg (167475 Byte) Delta Plan 064-delta-plan.jpg (124589 Byte) Delta Plan 057-delta-plan.jpg (139494 Byte) Delta Plan
062-delta-plan.jpg (148370 Byte) Delta Plan 058-delta-plan.jpg (144901 Byte) Delta Plan 063-delta-plan.jpg (145317 Byte) Delta Plan 059-oosterschelde.jpg (106766 Byte) Oosterschelde
074-deltaplan.jpg (135815 Byte) Deltaplan 066-wind-energy-plant.jpg (74617 Byte) Wind energy 065-wind-energy.jpg (78400 Byte) Wind energy industry-holland.jpg (117832 Byte) Netherlands Industry
068-zevenbergschen-hoek.jpg (143895 Byte) Zevenbergschen 069-zevenbergschen-hoek.jpg (116430 Byte) village Netherland 067-zevenbergschen-hoek.jpg (162743 Byte) village 070-zevenbergschen-hoek.jpg (150384 Byte) Zevenbergschen Hoek picture
081-lage-zwaluwe.jpg (129306 Byte) Lage Zwaluwe 071-drimmelen.jpg (138735 Byte) Drimmelen Harbour 075-nordsee.jpg (182820 Byte) Nordsee beach netherlands-557.jpg (154502 Byte) beach
076-dromburg.jpg (159338 Byte) Dromburg domburg-781.jpg (147060 Byte) netherlands-551.jpg (125407 Byte) 060-flowers.jpg (234829 Byte) flowers
078-dijk.jpg (134671 Byte) Nordsee dijk 077-dijk.jpg (162823 Byte) Nordsee dike 061-holland.jpg (141514 Byte) Holland Netherland westkapelle-671.jpg (127006 Byte) holland
079-westkapelle.jpg (172720 Byte) Westkapelle 080-westkapelle.jpg (135260 Byte) Westkapelle afsluitdijk-photo.jpg (122472 Byte) Afsluit dijk kornwerderzand.jpg (111001 Byte) Kornwerderzand
lelystad_centrum.jpg (115628 Byte) Lelystad center 039-lelystad.jpg (118005 Byte) Lelystad 026-batavia.jpg (157915 Byte) Batavia 030-flevoland.jpg (90891 Byte) Flevoland


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