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For close-up shots, use a lens with a focal length of about 100 mm to keep the face in its normal proportions. It also provides space between you and your model and is therefore less intrusive. Focus on the eyes, because this is where we normally look. Choose a wide aperture to reduce the depth of field and blur any disturbing background elements. Use a tripod and remote shutter release. In this way you can look directly at and talk to your model. This helps to put your model at ease and draw out his or her character.

When using negative film and commercial printing, photographs are automatically corrected as far as possible to produce "normal" exposure and colour. However, this does not help if you are experimenting, or want to deliberately under or overexpose. To see true results, use transparency film. This cannot be automatically corrected during processing - you get what you shoot. If you use a digital camera you can check the result immediately and re-shoot until you get the effect you're looking for. 

canoe_lake.jpg (216497 Byte) canoe lake morning see kanu straw.jpg (292906 Byte) straw stroh egg.jpg (222480 Byte) tongs nippers screwdriver egg plate teller zange schraubenzieher ei knots-k8g4.jpg (144528 Byte) rope knot picture
winter_car.jpg (209892 Byte) winter tires reifenspuren im schnee friends_lake.jpg (165886 Byte) lake ship friends love freunde freundschaft see schiff yellow-stripes.jpg (187781 Byte) yellow stripes wall-colours-7tf.jpg (186971 Byte) colours
lake.jpg (166634 Byte) lake fog sad snow_rock.jpg (200645 Byte) tree snow rock stein baum yellow-waste-bins.jpg (100197 Byte) yellow garbage can bin arrow.jpg (172321 Byte) arrow pfeil
tree_lake.jpg (211396 Byte) tree lake winter blue_door.jpg (203337 Byte) blue door türe pet_shop.jpg (280360 Byte) pet shop board heineken-in-water.jpg (107798 Byte) heineken beer
plant-sunset-h2w.jpg (67897 Byte) fall_leaves-lj7.jpg (291415 Byte) tree trunk leaf fall chain.jpg (133087 Byte) plastic chain red white kette chairs_restaurant.jpg (145919 Byte) red chairs rote stühle
red_blue.jpg (235451 Byte) red blue colors farben rot blau shadow_window.jpg (121372 Byte) window shadow on the wall knot.jpg (223565 Byte) knot knoten yellow_lock.jpg (94997 Byte) yellow lock schloss
chairs_table-k2.jpg (179716 Byte) chairs table green_leaf-l9.jpg (155628 Byte) green leaves bigfoto-founder.jpg (37234 Byte) Dudo Erny and his Nikon F100 play_ground_8z6.jpg (214490 Byte) children playground kinderspielplatz
balls-of-wool-9dke.jpg (126190 Byte) wool balls-of-wool-39fv.jpg (109192 Byte) wool salt-crystals-94jf.jpg (110190 Byte) NaCl, salt crystal stone-7rt5.jpg (273175 Byte) stone wall
trees-92h.jpg (157731 Byte) trees sunset stars-8u4.jpg (121633 Byte) color stars leaf-y8i2.jpg (114294 Byte) drop on leaf colors-05t.jpg (141023 Byte)
airplane-g29i.jpg (111298 Byte) bike-fire-f6w2.jpg (223169 Byte) picture bike cigarette-bu3z.jpg (129620 Byte) coffee-f7u3.jpg (87344 Byte)
candle-i2n7.jpg (75752 Byte) candle-go2v.jpg (131263 Byte) candle-7sl1.jpg (70961 Byte) dog-water-h2b.jpg (144897 Byte)
fire-x1i7.jpg (173101 Byte) face-t2b8.jpg (118619 Byte) water-g37u.jpg (123604 Byte) horse-tree-7v5.jpg (107108 Byte)
knot-v5kq.jpg (97954 Byte) lamps-73b5.jpg (87284 Byte) plants-4yl1.jpg (170235 Byte) plants-u3v1.jpg (76445 Byte)
tables-j5s2.jpg (182976 Byte) tree-a01c.jpg (126933 Byte) trees-house-u76.jpg (93124 Byte) tree-v9s2.jpg (242826 Byte)
tree-vow6.jpg (297511 Byte) hats-0g71.jpg (142665 Byte) winter-xo1j.jpg (213908 Byte) winter-ykn4.jpg (166682 Byte)
where-o7z.JPG (190777 Byte) people concept wind-turbine-6q9.JPG (84513 Byte) tree-el0.JPG (103019 Byte) nature cloud water-stones-ub5.jpg (172581 Byte)
gas-station-s41j.jpg (162068 Byte) traffic hat-clothes-7r2.jpg (162869 Byte) leaf-fall.jpg (156175 Byte) nature no-accordion-75.jpg (105267 Byte) music
blooming-u3r5.jpg (131505 Byte) digital camera chip breadbasket-6a2.jpg (228950 Byte) wall painting colors-t2jw.jpg (96026 Byte) floor couch-z3q.jpg (85767 Byte)
foot-yiw7.jpg (82656 Byte) shop sign hand-sculpture-z1v.jpg (79312 Byte) art helmet-sign-z2b7.jpg (103452 Byte) lake-boat-z3v.jpg (201297 Byte)
apples-c63h.jpg (128846 Byte) fruits blockhouse-b3q7.jpg (162055 Byte) wood clock-sun-u2q9.jpg (151216 Byte) time coffee-8r1.jpg (115854 Byte)
broom-h4c.jpg (228981 Byte) ducks-8q0.jpg (80338 Byte) sculpture field-t0wo.jpg (216692 Byte) nature flowers-wall-vw7.jpg (154311 Byte)
flower-sign-7n2.jpg (94942 Byte) globe-c1y.jpg (97919 Byte) grating-o40d.jpg (253255 Byte) light-c72r.jpg (103041 Byte)
mushrooms-4a1.jpg (113768 Byte) nature photography office-building-rt2.jpg (125697 Byte) paint-brush-8t2.jpg (81323 Byte) photo quince-8b4.jpg (108883 Byte) fruit
architecture-6vw.jpg (94533 Byte) bull-red-6z1.jpg (110862 Byte) easter-bunny-6w1.jpg (164492 Byte) field-7w1.jpg (234812 Byte)
life-belt-6t1.jpg (102776 Byte) photo propeller-5y2.jpg (129423 Byte) red-light-v3i.jpg (144257 Byte) lamp screw-nut-u3q.jpg (115753 Byte)
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