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In 1899 the Wright brothers constructed and launched a series of gliders to test the manoeuvrability of a manned aircraft. Then on December 17, 1903, powered flight was first achieved when over the course of the day both Orville and Wilbur piloted successful flights, the longest lasting 59 seconds and covering over 850 feet. Around the same time the Frenchman, Louis Bleriot, was experimenting with powered flight and in 1909 he won a £1,000 prize offered by a newspaper for the first powered aircraft to make a crossing from France to England. The first trans-Atlantic flight followed in 1927 when Charles Lindbergh made the crossing from New York to Paris in the legendary 'Spirit of St. Louis.
a380 Airbus The First World War gave aviation technology a boost: at the start France, for example, had only 140 aircraft, and only four years later she had 4,500. In 1914 airplanes were regarded as useful only for reconnaissance; by the end of the war Britain had the Handley-Page bomber capable of carrying a 900 kg bomb load and Germany had the Fokker D VII, widely considered the best fighter of the era. The first operational jet fighter was the Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe, but Germany did not have it ready for use until 1944. One significant development of the Second World War was the use of aircraft carriers, especially in the war in the Pacific Ocean: at the start of the war Japan had 10 carriers and America had 7. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought America into the war, was carried out by fighters, bombers and torpedo planes launched from six aircraft carriers.
Experiments with supersonic flight were made during World War 2, but the first plane recorded as flying faster than the speed of sound was the American Bell X-1 rocket plane in 1947. Most modern fighter aircraft are supersonic, but there are no supersonic passenger airplanes in service since the retirement of the Anglo-French Concorde in 2003.

The first scheduled service between the USA and Europe opened in 1939 with the Boeing 314 Flying Boat, and the first jet passenger service across the Atlantic followed in 1958 when Pan American used the Boeing 707 on the New York to Paris run. The “jumbo jet” era started in 1970 with the Boeing 747, two and a half times the size of the 707, with its recognisable two-deck hump shape. Later versions of the Boeing 747 jumbo can carry 524 passengers. The first passenger airliner to be built of composite materials with a view to reducing weight and fuel consumption is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This wide-bodied, twin-engined jet carries 290 passengers with a range of over 15,000 km.

Air travel is now a huge industry, employing thousands of people as flight crew, ground crew, air traffic controllers and passenger and freight handlers. As well as passenger airlines and military aircraft, there are countless private planes, and commercial and military helicopters. One of the more recent developments in aviation warfare is the use of unmanned “drones” to destroy enemy installations and kill targeted people using rockets, without risking pilots. One of the earliest forms of manned flight, the lighter-than-air balloon is still popular for leisure flights and world record attempts, and un-powered fixed wing gliding and paragliding are hobbies enjoyed by people all over the world. Low-powered, low cost “micro-lights” have brought flying within the budget of many ordinary people. Certainly aviation has come a very long way from Ancient Greek attempts to imitate birds or early Chinese manned-kite flights from the top of towers! And we haven’t even mentioned space flight......

finnair.jpg (112707 Byte) airplane, finnair, flugzeug airplane_tree.jpg (84953 Byte) airplane, flugzeug, swissair airport-cargo-3we.jpg (95751 Byte) cargo picture airplane-atr-cro.jpg (76996 Byte) airplane ATR
zeppelin-zuger-kantonalbank.jpg (122194 Byte) zeppelin over lake of Zug, Switzerland swissair_airport_zh.jpg (118001 Byte) swissair.jpg (94408 Byte) airplane, swissair, flugzeug ae5_cockpit.jpg (136184 Byte) airplane, cockpit, flugzeug
airport-kdv5.jpg (104307 Byte) airport time table airport-1qgt.jpg (131044 Byte) departure check in airport-check-2s5f.jpg (151208 Byte) check in airport airport-9k6c.jpg (150283 Byte)
airport-b67d.jpg (111127 Byte) airport-check-of8w.jpg (110460 Byte) airport-timetable-3s8.jpg (122573 Byte) departures arrivals timetable check-in-2f5g.jpg (165726 Byte)
airplanes-formation-1.jpg (87358 Byte) airplanes formation air_plane_02.jpg (85994 Byte) flying airplane flugshow-1.jpg (99125 Byte) flight show air_plane_01.jpg (145556 Byte) swissair, airplane, flugzeug
plane-landing-people.jpg (120328 Byte) airplane landing zuerich airport airbus-swissair-9ku.jpg (86725 Byte) airbus airplane swissair swissair-landing-l9b.jpg (98947 Byte) swissair landing at Zuerich airport air_plane_04.jpg (78306 Byte) airplane
klm-landing-airplane.jpg (78038 Byte) klm airplane swissair-landing-mg2.jpg (78964 Byte) airplane swissair landing airplane_06.jpg (98994 Byte) airplane, flugzeug, swissair swissair-md11-hb-iwp.jpg (115695 Byte) swissair MD 11 HB-IWP
airplane_05.jpg (114436 Byte) airplane, flugzeug 07_patrouille-suisse.jpg (154839 Byte) patrouille suisse F5 E tiger picture photo air_plane_03.jpg (151312 Byte) airplane unique-airport-zuerich.jpg (113986 Byte) Zuerich Unique airport
airport_departure.jpg (66970 Byte) airport daparture american-plane_airport.jpg (107583 Byte) plane american airlines photo edelweiss_airplane.jpg (108498 Byte) edelweiss airplane picture photo_swiss-airplane.jpg (83672 Byte) swiss airplane picture
belair-x5eu.jpg (74262 Byte) air plane picture cargo-airport-31o6.jpg (120922 Byte) cargo logic hub radar-ti3x.jpg (124982 Byte) radar station photo airplanes-5d3z.jpg (94384 Byte)
skycruise-ch.jpg (124972 Byte) sky cruise ballon airplane-swiss-6vd3.jpg (78213 Byte) swiss air ways airport-c82j.jpg (164730 Byte) airport Unique Zuerich helicopter-f6z5.jpg (135388 Byte) free photo
airplane-3ib5.jpg (101339 Byte) airplane picture airplane-mountains-7he.jpg (95483 Byte) photo wing airplane swiss-airplane-4xa2.jpg (183979 Byte) start airplane airport-01ds.jpg (98688 Byte) airplane picture
ballooon-p3w6.jpg (148693 Byte) hot_air_balloon.jpg (115038 Byte) hot-air ballon, Heissluftballon hot_air_balloon-2.jpg (77988 Byte) hot air baloon free pic hot-air-balloon-74.jpg (123675 Byte)
balloons-8e1.jpg (118779 Byte) sky hot_air_balloon-1.jpg (138311 Byte) hot air balloon free image gallery honda-balloon.jpg (117760 Byte) hot-air-balloon-71.jpg (130157 Byte)
balloon-7t4r.jpg (110263 Byte) hot air balloon unloading_plane.jpg (79938 Byte) unloading airplane airplane-wheels.jpg (82254 Byte) wheels airplane, picture aviation-engine-airbus.jpg (76994 Byte) engine airbus
aviation-bus-airfield.jpg (76363 Byte) bus airfield 04_patrouille-suisse.jpg (157024 Byte) patrouille suisse tiger boarding_passengers_plane.jpg (90466 Byte) passengers boarding airplane airport-sunrise.jpg (41753 Byte) sunrise airport airplane
airplane-2h9l.jpg (124195 Byte) pic flugzeug foto airplane-fib2.jpg (129682 Byte) propeller picture airplane_wing.jpg (115679 Byte) airplane photo air-show-c4r5.jpg (124571 Byte)
constellation-hb.jpg (110337 Byte) Super Constellation Breitling dc3-swiss-air.jpg (167344 Byte) airplane airport-lights-42j.jpg (107584 Byte) airport aviation-gangway.jpg (81065 Byte) gangway
airplane-photo-0d.jpg (104281 Byte) airplane pic airplane-start-9c.jpg (117843 Byte) airplane photo airport-start-c78w.jpg (104903 Byte) airplane fence start asia-airplane-z6e.jpg (108605 Byte) free photo
piper-cockpit-8dgw.jpg (201662 Byte) cockpit picture piper-instrumets-nb72.jpg (182952 Byte) pic cockpit piper-turbo-lwf5.jpg (175876 Byte) cockpit photo cockpit photo
cockpit picture piper-arrow-6z3e.jpg (138340 Byte) piper picture airport-04ud.jpg (144774 Byte) helicopter photo airport-05id.jpg (131555 Byte) airplane
airport-06ie.jpg (136639 Byte) airplane airport-07iw.jpg (127376 Byte) airplane airport-08es.jpg (123183 Byte) airplane airport-09ix.jpg (118252 Byte) ju 52
airport-10kw.jpg (123324 Byte) airplane wheels airport-11kd.jpg (141747 Byte) airplane wing airport-13fe.jpg (117954 Byte) airplane airport-02id.jpg (107349 Byte) helicopter REGA
airport-12ke.jpg (119989 Byte) airplane technics airport-14sw.jpg (114222 Byte) airplane engine airport-15dg.jpg (143250 Byte) engine airplane airport-03id.jpg (111905 Byte)airport Unique Zuerich
patr-suisse-v5e3.jpg (160532 Byte) patrouille suisse patruille-suisse-3c4.jpg (140563 Byte) glider-h6w.jpg (80706 Byte) fly glider-x8j.jpg (156586 Byte) landing
rega-01.jpg (140787 Byte) landing helicopter Gotthardpass rega-02.jpg (137808 Byte) cockpit helicopter rega-03.jpg (142755 Byte) Rettungsflugwacht rega-04.jpg (137173 Byte) start helicopter
airplane-2ism.jpg (169297 Byte) old-airplane-c5w.jpg (150134 Byte) airplane-z2b9.jpg (92528 Byte) airplane-fx3k.jpg (94769 Byte)
helicopter-d3ap.jpg (93321 Byte) fly helicopter-aj4j.jpg (92626 Byte) helicopter-tv-camera.jpg (85610 Byte) airplane-8w1q.jpg (135190 Byte) landing
airport-planes-g02.jpg (160241 Byte) frankfurt-airport-8t1.jpg (169153 Byte) germanwings-i83.jpg (126909 Byte) airplane split-airport-n6w.jpg (121850 Byte) kastela
fire-airplane-1k5.jpg (151172 Byte) fire-airplane-u3t.jpg (121614 Byte) firefighting-aircraft-i7r.jpg (121733 Byte) helicopter-0g1.jpg (117160 Byte)
helicopters-hx5.jpg (134656 Byte) fire fight fire-engine-9i2.jpg (162664 Byte) helicopter-8e1.jpg (165733 Byte) airstrip-u4n.jpg (94121 Byte) start
cockpit-d1x.jpg (144732 Byte) airplanes-start-8w.jpg (176501 Byte) airstrip-no2.jpg (127538 Byte) landing airbus-a380.jpg (125414 Byte) airport Zuerich Kloten


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