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The original meaning of fountain (from the Latin ‘fontana’) was a natural spring or pool from which water flowed; for example the source of a river was called a ‘fountain’ or ‘fountainhead’. The use of the word ‘fountain’ for a man-made structure throwing water into the air in a controlled way was first recorded in English around 1500 AD, after the word had been in use for nature’s version for nearly 100 years.
> Traditionally a fountain has a water source which fills a basin, trough or something similar and then drains away. Fountains can be very simple, very elaborate and sometimes very high. Some are computer controlled, with the fountain bursting and subsiding in rhythmic patterns. Some flow in sheets over a variety of surfaces, some cascade from one basin into another. Some are simply set in an ornamental pool or garden pond, whilst others are beautifully illuminated. And some have sculptures, including ones where many creators have the same idea as to where the water should spring from!

Humans have long found fountains fascinating. The ancient Greek for fountain was ‘pege’, and ‘pegomancy’ was a form of divination using fountains: the diviner studied the pattern of bubbles in the water of a sacred pool or spring, and claimed to be able to look into the past or foretell the future from them.
In ancient Rome fountains provided drinking water, and they were considered so important that each major fountain was connected to two different aqueducts so that if one failed there was still water available. No fountains from the Roman Empire survive: the many beautiful fountains now in Rome all date from the Renaissance period or later. 

fountain_98.jpg (156633 Byte) fountain picture fountain_lugano2.jpg (197241 Byte) fountains pictures brunnen_foto_04.jpg (182238 Byte) fountain free pic fountain-72e3.JPG (180357 Byte) water fountain
fountain_lugano.jpg (205945 Byte) water fountain pic brunnen, fountain_blue.jpg (252316 Byte) water fountain free pictures fountain_mainau_06.jpg (255889 Byte) water fountain free pics fountain-g7w1.jpg (214184 Byte) Arosa
fountain-z6tv.JPG (135678 Byte) dragon fountain fountain-g5x7.jpg (191605 Byte) fountain-vienna-7n4.jpg (155697 Byte) fountain-zt87.jpg (167263 Byte)
fountain_foto_03.jpg (104809 Byte) fountain water ball fountain_01.jpg (211126 Byte) fountain free photo fountain-paris-mj7.jpg (229224 Byte) fountain Paris fountain-kids-d3w.jpg (206108 Byte) fountain water
fountain_zh.jpg (249122 Byte) fountain winter ice zuerich fountain_herti_zug.jpg (159961 Byte) fountain water sculpture fountain_brig.jpg (177200 Byte) fountain foto fountain_white.jpg (189280 Byte) fountain water
fountain_picture_01.jpg (190871 Byte) fountain free foto fountain_photo_02.jpg (181492 Byte) fountain fountain_sion.jpg (194375 Byte) fountain free pics fountain_horse_05.jpg (213109 Byte) fountain horse picture
face-fountain.jpg (135100 Byte) fountain face fountain-stauffacher.jpg (264805 Byte) fountain free picture fountain_87s.jpg (206965 Byte) fountain picture fountain-water-8.jpg (87990 Byte) water fountain
fountain_illanz.jpg (226559 Byte) fountain old fountain-vienna.jpg (242915 Byte) fountain picture vienna fountain-5rc2.jpg (161353 Byte) fountain photo fountain_stone.jpg (229840 Byte) fountain water
tinguley-fountain-4.jpg (184552 Byte) Basel fountain-5e4h.jpg (174870 Byte) fountain-g2lz.jpg (158442 Byte) fountain-d3q.jpg (130917 Byte) water
fountain-4d2.jpg (218053 Byte) wall fountain-5bw9.jpg (171238 Byte) fountain-fy5c.jpg (122752 Byte) water fountain-h6rt.jpg (216226 Byte) stones
fountain-h6b.jpg (234844 Byte) fountain-rxr.jpg (121922 Byte) fountain-w1n5.jpg (106514 Byte) water fountain-z17a.jpg (203239 Byte)
fountain-7n3p.jpg (104268 Byte) Velden fountain-cw8.jpg (156943 Byte) fountain-hy0.jpg (159411 Byte) fountain-7b3q.jpg (164179 Byte) Velden
fountain-ascona-73.jpg (207079 Byte) fountain-8k9w.jpg (184938 Byte) fountain-h6v1.jpg (121164 Byte) waterfall fountain-tcd6.jpg (176500 Byte)
fountain-5v20.jpg (256288 Byte) fountain-ck3.jpg (157459 Byte) Kuala Lumpur fountain-f7q.jpg (198451 Byte) Kuala Lumpur fountain-ts1.jpg (194846 Byte) Munich
fountain-1o0w.jpg (122175 Byte) fountain-81ks.jpg (120833 Byte) fountain-ci2h.jpg (197363 Byte) fountain-d1wq.jpg (147008 Byte)
fountain-3ay9.jpg (139115 Byte) water city fountain-7f8k.jpg (149097 Byte) water village fountain-m9w7.jpg (161702 Byte) fountain-now8.jpg (184669 Byte)
fountain-2i2c.jpg (127123 Byte) Winterthur fountain-7zn8.jpg (132593 Byte) Technorama fountain-09r5.jpg (159258 Byte) Goldenberg fountain-vc5b.jpg (145029 Byte) Graben
fountain-ice-j5q.jpg (133867 Byte) cold winter fountain-ice-mil4.jpg (122866 Byte) fountain-l8k4.jpg (185125 Byte) fountain-0ol1.jpg (205420 Byte)
fountain-g29q.jpg (147970 Byte) lake Geneva fountain-le7n.jpg (213463 Byte) fountain-t2w8.jpg (192455 Byte) Montreux fountain-tf21.jpg (158055 Byte) Montreux
fountain-7u6v.jpg (184339 Byte) Goldau SBB fountain-719r.jpg (210449 Byte) fountain-xc5k.jpg (124347 Byte) Klagenfurt fountain-lamps-i3r.jpg (129510 Byte) Interlaken
fountain-750q.jpg (265809 Byte) near Lienz fountain-brig-z6e.jpg (205566 Byte) water-drink-z3y.jpg (116429 Byte) fountain-tgw9.jpg (140673 Byte) Ascona
fountain-6xl4.jpg (232129 Byte) fountain-kvaternik-5b3.jpg (138116 Byte) Zagreb fountain-zh21.jpg (127085 Byte) Villach fountain-g62u.jpg (173017 Byte) Lienz
fountain-cr42.jpg (222970 Byte) fountain-ft2v.jpg (186610 Byte) fountain-fv1.jpg (161170 Byte) fountain-z3wa.jpg (169026 Byte)
fountain-5bwp.jpg (164892 Byte) Buergenstock fountain-h3c1.jpg (111760 Byte) stock photo fountain-photo-z6w.jpg (108418 Byte) water-fountain-rn1b.jpg (106232 Byte)
fountain-e9n1.jpg (232660 Byte)    fountain-cx72.jpg (177046 Byte) water fountain fountain old


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