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Landscape photography is a test of patience. The photographer's paint brush is light. Outdoors you often have to wait for that magical moment. The best times of day are the first and last two hours of daylight, the times when colours appear at their most vibrant because light then strikes at an oblique angle. As in most photography, try to simplify the scene. "Less is more" is particularly true in landscape photography. Use ISO 50 or 100 film to guarantee colour saturation and a sharp image giving excellent detail. Polarization and graduated filters are almost a must to bring the best out of a sky. A tripod is essential in order to use a small aperture and slow exposure to increase depth of field.

sea, coast,  Croatia mountains, forest, switzerland sunset, lake, evening, Lake of Zug, Switzerland fog , stratus
Kho Samui, Thailand, landscape alps, mountains, snow Swiss alps mountains fog road trees
mountains, picture sea, Croatia nature Flumserberge, Switzerland, mountains lakes, photos free photo, near Menzingen, Switzerland
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corn field river crook water free pictures download nature picture river
fog mist free pics leaf, plant tree, field, nature lake shore, nature
snowy mountains, Sustenpass, Switzerland landscape yellow flowers sky cloud nature free picture spring nature pic fountain, forest
corn forest winter, snow, Flumserberge, Switzerland small lake mountains, Churfirsten, Switzerland flowers field
landscape Switzerland, Albispass landscape, near Hausen, Switzerland Albis, Switzerland nature landscape winter photo
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photo landscape lake Aegeri, Switzerland swiss alps landscape picture mountain
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Ireland landscape    nature trees plants    landscape    Gran Canaria 
sea   Gran Canaria   alps   nature
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