Places to Visit after the Lockdowns are Over

We can all agree that we are sick and tired of cramming inside our houses and want to get out as soon as possible and for all of this to come to an end. The lockdowns have drained much of our sanity and patience. For all the greater good it does, its everything but annoying.

Our way and quality of life have changed drastically in the past year and the lockdowns have had such an impact on our mental health and well-being. So it’s very questionable when and if the world will ever return to what it was before this madness.

Since most of us can do nothing to speed up the vaccination process, we are left to fantasize and even some people have been actively planning where to travel and what places to visit when this is over.

Whoever plans to travel must consider three key things:

  1. Price
  2. Destination
  3. The goal of the trip

Although traveling is an amazing activity where different places offer different experiences but as long as you can afford to travel without compromising your standard of living.

A lot of people see these extravagant places online which they cannot comfortably afford so they get into debt just for that one trip. At the end of the day, It’s not rational nor worth it.

Finally, while picking a travel spot always have a reason why you’re going to that specific place. 

Is it because you want to rest? Or explore? Or have an adventure?  Whatever that reason might be you should keep the goal of the trip in mind. 

#1 Paris

Paris, also known as the city of light is one of the most beautiful world-known destinations which should be among the first items on the bucket list when it comes to travel. 

The city of love and romance was a huge inspiration throughout history for a lot of artists also known for its rich history and beautiful and enchanting architecture. 

The reasons to visit Paris are endless. From stunning food, fashion, and wine to monuments, landmarks, and brilliant heroines. While it might not be possible to enter the Louvre museum yet due to distancing rules, you can still have a clear view of the 6th arrondissement across the Seine.

Ironically, this is the only time where you are more likely to watch Paris-Saint-Germaine from Saint-Germain across the river from the Louvre than from the Park of Princes to the west. And for bets, you can always go to Bet365 or something similar.

If there’s one thing you should see that’s the symbol of Paris which is the Eiffel tower. It was built in the 19th century to celebrate the centenary of the French revolution. 

It consists of three levels and due to its height of 300 m, the beautiful view cannot leave you indifferent, but on the contrary, it will leave you completely breathless. 

#2 Sydney

If you are the type of person who loves adventure and the feeling of adrenaline rush Australia is the place to go. Australia’s most famous city is Sydney. It’s known all over the world for the architectural marvel Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge as well as other bars, theaters, and casinos.

Aussies are quite known for liking the games of chance and Sydney does have some marvelous hotel-casinos. But, with times being what they are it might be better to open up Bet365 on your smartphone and bet on cricket here than visit any of the famous venues.

One thing that most people come to mind when they think of Sydney is beaches and an image appears of waves breaking on golden sands.

Australia has over 10 000 beaches and the most famous one in Sydney is Bondi beach with over two million visitors every year. You can visit Bondi beach in both summer and winter, as it has great food and there are a lot of cultural events happening throughout the year. 

#3 Puerto Rico 

Without a doubt, Puerto Rico is truly an island paradise full of contrast and surprise where the hardest part of the trip will be choosing from the myriad of options. 

Food is made with such love and passion and the influence of Latino cuisine is felt due to the hot and spicy sauces that are put in most of the dishes. With food goes drinks so one drink that you must try is the famous Puerto Rican rum which combines well with tropical fruits.

Beaches leave people speechless and one thing that is recommended to do in Puerto Rico is to kayak through the bioluminescent waters of the Caribbean that glows due to bioluminescent plankton.

#4 Egypt

Egypt is one of the most beautiful destinations you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The warm sea, gorgeous beaches, pyramids, and rich history of this magical country have been attracting tourists for years. 

The most visited places in Egypt are Hurghada, Sharm el-sheik, and Teba. Most of the hotels are located along the coast and have all-inclusive options where the price you pay includes meals throughout the day and a variety of drinks both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. 

Three things you must do in Egypt are to visit the pyramids of Giza, cruise on the Nile river, and explore the fascinating history of Cairo.