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Ships, Boats


A ship, like a boat, is a vehicle designed for passage or transportation by water. A ship, see pictures below,  usually has sufficient size to carry its own boats, such as lifeboats, dinghies, or runabouts. A rule of thumb saying goes: "a boat can fit on a ship, but a ship can't fit on a boat". Often local law and regulation will define the exact size which a boat requires to become a ship.  Another definition of a ship is any floating craft which transports cargo for the purpose of earning revenue. 
Container ships are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size containers, in a technique called "containerization".

Over the years, cruise ships have become larger and larger, partly in response to passenger demand for outside cabins with views of the sea and passing sights. The world’s largest cruise ships belong to the Royal Caribbean International fleet: the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas are only slightly smaller than the US Navy’s aircraft carrier, Nimitz, and carry up to 6,296 passengers. Cruise ships tend to visit the same coastal areas over and over again, giving rise to environmental concerns about the amount of waste produced by a similar number of people to the population of a small town.
Cruise liners which dwarf the most famous buildings in Venice yet can come close in because of their shallow draft, have sparked protests and counter-protests by locals. Some are concerned about the “Disneyfication” of their city and possible damage to the environment by polluting the delicate eco-system of the lagon; others see the visitors as boosting the local economy (each passenger spends on average 200 euros in the city). Either way, stunning photo-opportunities are available as huge liners pass down the Giudecca Canal, tower over St Mark’s Square and dwarf the Doges’ Palace.

Popular cruising areas are the Caribbean, Florida, California and Alaska, the Norwegian fjords, the Mediterranean, South America and the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific and Australia / New Zealand.

ferry-boat-9ml2.jpg (125448 Byte) faehre bild minoan-lines.jpg (102969 Byte) ship in Venice boats-photo_n7e.jpg (118609 Byte) picture boats boot painting-boat.jpg (112797 Byte) boot malen
fishing_ship.jpg (168693 Byte) fischerboot boat-52w3.jpg (163549 Byte) ship boat photo motorboot boat_adria.jpg (115631 Byte) boat picture mondragone-ship.jpg (121234 Byte) ship in harbour hafen schiff
lifebelt-red.jpg (112107 Byte) life belt rettungsring photo bild container-ship-z6er.jpg (95785 Byte) schiff foto photo-ship.jpg (116334 Byte) schiff sailing-boat-cgx3.jpg (101283 Byte)
ship-rust.jpg (94811 Byte) schiff rost jadrolinija_ship.jpg (113868 Byte) schiff foto lighthouse-bt5q.jpg (102456 Byte) old_boat.jpg (159066 Byte) boot
ship_lifeboat.jpg (140183 Byte) schiff lifeboat-ship.jpg (81586 Byte) rettungsboot ship_berlin-photo.jpg (70025 Byte) ship picture schiff ship_rotterdam-8.jpg (120740 Byte) schlepper
sailing-boat-f59h.jpg (113969 Byte) segelschiff ship-anchor-4sl.jpg (84346 Byte) anchor anker sederberg-nassau.jpg (108437 Byte) container ship schiff two-boats.jpg (135067 Byte) boats boote
ship_picture.jpg (112618 Byte) schiff bild sailing-yacht-k8.jpg (122256 Byte) segeljacht ship_cranes.jpg (104760 Byte) pic ship ship-h8f3.jpg (131201 Byte) schiff meer
ship-cruise-picture.jpg (72137 Byte) schiff ship-rtdm.jpg (120261 Byte) ship-ikl6.jpg (134627 Byte) schiff small_harbour.jpg (214826 Byte) boats boote
ship-mv5w.jpg (97308 Byte) schiffe tourist-ship.jpg (94059 Byte) schiff ship-pic-m9f.jpg (130023 Byte) motorjacht trajekt-ferry.jpg (83319 Byte) auto faehre
ship-6tgs.jpg (106663 Byte) ship-safety-8c1.jpg (115864 Byte) sailing-boat-zugersee.jpg (121352 Byte) ship-5a82.jpg (114891 Byte) photos
ship-5z7q.jpg (147052 Byte) images car-ferry-v2w.jpg (121392 Byte) ship picture ship-g2p.jpg (118933 Byte) ship-trapa.jpg (130229 Byte) image ship
ship-deutschland.jpg (170832 Byte) car-ferry-h2t.jpg (133815 Byte) ship boat-j6q0.jpg (130334 Byte) boat-k56q.jpg (145401 Byte)
ship-5w3j.jpg (173870 Byte) Portoferraio, Elba, Italy ship-8nu1.jpg (138318 Byte) working sailor ship-n53e.jpg (125075 Byte) boat instruments boats-ship-z5h.jpg (118211 Byte) lake Lucerne
lights-boat-f2n.jpg (96692 Byte) navigation outboard-engine-7x2.jpg (99529 Byte) boat ship-f2m9.jpg (107290 Byte) katamaran ships-nk4i.jpg (140366 Byte) harbour
boat-engine-2lr.jpg (104692 Byte) boats-4v8q.jpg (128508 Byte) glassboat-n6b.jpg (112044 Byte) tourism ship-5v2w.jpg (128193 Byte) fishing
boats-5sl1.jpg (123260 Byte) small harbour boat-water-u4r.jpg (92141 Byte) old-boat-4v2.jpg (162800 Byte) shipyard.jpg (240725 Byte)
car-ferry-j8i3.jpg (123450 Byte) old-boat-5b3.jpg (197596 Byte) ship-zug-8n4.jpg (95341 Byte) lake yellow-ship-u9w.jpg (87394 Byte)
boat-8e1.jpg (132886 Byte) lake boats-xq9w.jpg (187164 Byte) small harbour ship-ruetli-ap4.jpg (112506 Byte) aurora-ship-8u7.jpg (165242 Byte) in Hong Kong
sails-c8j.jpg (150052 Byte) wind sailing-boat-7q8.jpg (117247 Byte) photo boat chimney-ship.jpg (146245 Byte) ship schiff foto boat-b6r2.jpg (179299 Byte) sailboat
ship-v0a.jpg (186026 Byte) sea neptune-lines-8y.jpg (118216 Byte) container-ship-6e1.jpg (118499 Byte) ship-f29w.jpg (145374 Byte)
ship-propeller-6q.jpg (126775 Byte) ship-towboats-7wr.jpg (145890 Byte) towboat-hz2.jpg (120138 Byte) towboat-ship-i2t.jpg (149858 Byte)
buoy-r4d4.jpg (96362 Byte) ship-6c3z.jpg (98031 Byte) ship-container-z6h.jpg (106552 Byte) ship-g31q.jpg (153805 Byte)
ship-hz5t.jpg (161481 Byte) ships-z3v1.jpg (122897 Byte) blue-ship-j1k1.jpg (157823 Byte) ship-1my2.jpg (139888 Byte)
ship-port-0av.jpg (164775 Byte) ucc-ship-385.jpg (134826 Byte) sailing-boats-8v2.jpg (117053 Byte) ship-boats-t3v.jpg (118578 Byte)
captain-ship-v5w.jpg (96366 Byte) ship-lake-r3w.jpg (130482 Byte) ship-y9i1.jpg (108932 Byte) steamboat-qlw9.jpg (152921 Byte)


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