Historical charms, Mediterranean climate & modern entertainment of Sousse

Sousse is a typical port with fortifications and influence of the Arab. The town’s colorful history goes as far back as the 8th century when the Phoenicians occupied it. Like other well-located coastal cities, it was an object of several battles among the Arabs, Europeans, and Romans.

Sousse, which made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988, is popularly visited by Europeans and other people from other continents. Due to its location on the Mediterranean sea coastline, many fun activities to do in Sousse revolved around the water. Everyday Aquatic fun activities to immerse yourself include diving, parasailing, windsurfing, yachting, jet skis, etc.

Along with several historical sites, beaches, and the Sea, the city packs entertainment with vibrant nightlife, bars, and discotheques. Generally, it is a beauty to behold with picturesque beaches and a clear turquoise sea, plus fun activities with various entertainment facilities.


  • Enjoy the beach life with the Long, sandy Boujaffar Beach

Enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and fantastic view of the beach is top of many tourists’ itinerary when visiting Sousse. Several resorts provide services that will amplify your feel-good, memorable experience on the pretty beaches. One such is the 10 km long sandy Boujaffar Beach, a perfect spot for family picnics, good memory photography, sunbathe, and other unforgettable beach vacation. Other pretty beaches with clear water and exotic beaches are Samara Beach, Hammamet Beach, Las Vegas beach, Port El-Kantaoui beach, and Port of Sousse beach, all close to the town’s center, the fascinating Medina. The resorts own a few strips of the beaches, and their facilities are made available to the public for small fees while a larger part of the beaches is open to the public.


  • Visit the UNESCO-protected Aghlabid-era Medina

Like other commercial and military port cities, Sousse was susceptible to attacks from the pirates and other invasion dangers from the Sea. It was fortified with 8-meter tall walls stretching a distance of 2.2km. Inside the walls are 24 mosques, and several imposing architectures served as garrisons for Islamic warriors, among other purposes. Ribat was architecture that dates back to the 8th century and a typical Islam protected building of the earliest century. It stood out as a fort, a religious structure, as well as a dwelling. Other significant historical architectures in the city of Medina, in Sousse, is the Great Mosque of Sousse, kasbah, and ramparts of Bab El Finga, which served as a guillotine for the French soldiers during WWII.


  • Step into history with Sousse Archaeological Museum

Sousse archaeological museum is worth visiting to have an idea of people’s ways of life from as far back as the 2nd century BC. Established in 1957 but renovated and reopened in 2012 after its renovation, the museum is most notable for its magnificent mosaic collections, giving a little insight into the ways of the Roman era in the region. Other dedicated rooms to the Christian and Punic eras contain amazing collections such as lapidaries, sculpture, terracotta, and more excavated from different ancient sites in the Sahel region. Situated within the Kasbah of Medina, the outside historical monument offers an impressive panoramic view of Medina.

  • Have a splash at the largest water park

No one is ever too old for some fun. Aquasplash is one of Sousse’s water parks when you can have great family time and exciting water activities. Located within the beautiful Park of Thalassa Sousse Hotel, Aquasplash is the largest water park in Sousse. There is a safe, dedicated space in the park for the kids with a pool and colorful water slides while the adult can catch some fun with Space Hole, Tsunami, and Turbolance. Also, around the park are spots for family picnics and restaurants serving Lebanese, Italian, Thai and Tunisian cuisines.


  • Shop at Souks at day and vibe at night

Is visiting a unique town like Sousse ever complete without shopping at the local market? Don’t think so. Several items, from locally made textile, leather shoes, souvenirs, and other amazing collections, are available to pick for your loved ones if on the trip alone. The shopping experience in the traditional market or the main Souk is also perfect for a family experience. No better way to end every day spent in Sousse than soaking yourself in vibrant nightlife that offers vibrant and quiet experience depending on your taste.