Visiting the pretty old town of Primošten

The town of Primošten started as an island with a wooden and movable bridge connecting it to the mainland. Located between Sibenik and Split, this quiet town can now be regarded as a peninsula with the wooden bridge replaced by embankments. The main attractions of Primošten are the beautiful beaches stretching a distance of 20 kilometers.

Along with the picturesque view of the beaches and clear water, the town is a perfect destination to enjoy nature, peace, and tranquility. Whether it is a solo vacation, romantic treat, or family holiday, this former fishing village will give you unforgettable and pleasurable memories. This guide contains insider tips to help you maximize your enjoyment in Primosten.

Things to do and places to visit in Primošten

  • Velika Raduča Beach

Need no saying that the most notable attraction of Primošten is its picturesque beaches. Velika Raduča stands apart as the largest. The combination of its clear turquoise water, pebble-filled beach, and a blue sky give tourists a unique but fascinating view and atmosphere.

Located on the north side of the coastal town, the resort is only 250 meters from the town center. The Velika Raduča is accessible by car or boat. Walking across the coastal path and taking in the fascination is a priceless experience.

The resort provides a family, children, and lovers with several amenities, including bars, restaurants, spa, boat excursions, etc. for a cherished vacation.


  • First-class wine of Bucavac

If you are a wine lover, prepare yourself for a great taste of organic, fresh wine exclusive to Šibenik-Knin county. Apart from enjoying Babić wine at its finest, the stone laced Bucavac vineyards are worthy of a visit.
These vineyards are exceptional works of art; it will take an estimated 1200 years for a man, working for 8 hours a day to build the stoned-laced walls. The vineyard was recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in its provisional list. A unique view of the vine and stone with already fascinating sea scenery is a rare combination you should not miss visiting Primošten.

bucavac wineyard

  • The Hilltop cemetery

Regarded as the best place to watch the sunset in Primošten, the cemetery located next to the 15th Century St. George church is about 100 meters high.  But it rewards both the locals and visitors that can make the little trip up with a stunning view of the cemetery and the town.
Regardless of the time of visiting, the Hilltop cemetery, as most of the town, is always quiet. You can enjoy or take in the sparkling view alone or with your family or loved ones in peace.


  • Our Lady of Loret

To make most of your Primošten’s trip, a visit to our Lady of Loreto should be on top of your itinerary.  Unarguably the most iconic human-made attraction in the quiet, ancient town. The 17-meter is a top architecture work by Aron Varga, and Milun Garcevic is the largest Our Lady of Loreto statue in the world.
You will have no regrets making a trip to the top of the 185-year-old statue, as every step to the top of the statue takes you closer takes you closer to a breathtaking view of Primošten.

  • Go fishing

Fishing in the open sea is an active vacation that can be rewarding. The possibility of catching big fish such as swordfish and tuna makes it a thrilling prospect.
There are several eco fishing excursion packages at reasonable prices. The active tourism across the sea provided by some charters includes sunbathing and lunch and other side attractions such as the Noble project of cleaning the sea while fishing. With your family, you can participate in preparing the fish caught.

Final Thought

Not likely to make the many people list of the top tourist destinations but Primošten is perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful vacation with different kinds of seafood and moderate adventures at a reasonable cost.

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