5 Exhilarating Activities And Destinations To Photograph

If you ever needed a good reason to take a vacation, just look at your Instagram. Sure, your pictures might be really good, but when was the last time they really packed a punch?

Going on vacation is a great way to light up your social media platforms, especially if you photograph things you wouldn’t normally get the chance to snap.

Vacations are opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone, after all. You’re in a new place with new people, so why not try a few new things and really put your photography to the test? Your Instagram page is sure to thank you, and you will have made some pretty special memories in the process.

With this in mind, let’s look at five exhilarating activities and destinations to photograph this year:

Costa Rica – Wakeboarding

One of the most beautiful locations to photograph has to be Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. Below this Volcano is Lake Arenal National Park, where you can test out your wakeboarding or water skiing skills on the gorgeous blue waters. Companies like volcano.cr are well-versed in providing this experience to both pros and beginners, so you shouldn’t be scared off if you’ve never stepped foot on a wakeboard before. Just make sure you bring a friend to take a few pictures for you!

New Zealand – Zip Lining

Ziplining might seem a little scary, but really, all you have to do is strap yourself in and let gravity take you the rest of the way. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to snap some landscape photographs, especially if you decide to experience the activity in a country like New Zealand. With a number of zip lining companies operating amongst the rainforests and mountains, you’ll be pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right spot to snap that picture.

Dubai – Skydiving

Okay, skydiving is a little more scary, but it’s still easy enough. All you have to remember is to jump, and we think the best place to make that jump is in Dubai. There are a number of reasons to try skydiving, but the breathtaking views of the sandy dunes or the Palm Jumeirah Island make them all obsolete anyway. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never ever forget. If you’re going to jump out of a plane, you might as well do it in style, and Dubai certainly offers that in spades!

France – Skiing

But what if you want a few snowy pics for your Instagram page? Well, not only does France have the famous Alps to explore, you can explore them on a pair of skis and get some unique, beautiful action shots! Whilst learning how to take photographs on skis is not exactly easy – it’s difficult to hold a good position, trust us – it is a fun skill to master and the experience of skiing down the snowy Alps will make it more than worth it.

USA – Zorbing

Ey? Zorbing? Yes, we’ve gone a bit out there for this last activity, but zorbing is really starting to take off in many parts of the globe. One of the countries that has fallen in love with it most is the USA. Gorgeous venues such as the Roundtop Resort in Pennsylvania are now famous for their giant, inflatable balls, and you can’t have much more fun than racing down a hill in one of them. You wanted to add some spice to your social media photography, well, zorbing is a pretty unique way to do it!