Five Dream Sports Vacation Destinations

Sports Vacation Destinations
Figure 1 Will it be the Cubs or the White Sox?

There are plenty of places that sports enthusiasts can go to on vacation. Energetic holidays are some people’s idea of fun and trying out new activities in different areas of the world is the dream for many. But there are also sports vacations where the enjoyment comes in the form of watching events.

Sports fans love to get behind their teams throughout the year, but more people now take the opportunity to travel to watch sports stars in bucket list destinations. These are the kind of events that are regularly featured in the Vegas sportsbooks. Here are five of our own dream sports vacation trips.

London, England

As with many of the best sports vacation cities, London has visitors covered for just about every sport you can think of. But we would recommend going in June and July to make the most of the world famous Wimbledon tennis championships. You can even join in that quintessential English tradition of queuing for a ticket!

A summer trip will also allow you to try to understand the rules of cricket. It is the classic English sport and the national team plays games at Lords’ and the Oval in the capital. If you do miss out on the summer sports that London has to offer, you should be able to make it to a soccer game. The city is home to seven EPL clubs, let alone teams in other leagues.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital city of Japan is on many people’s bucket lists for a variety of reasons. But sports may not be the first thing visitors think about when they arrive. There are traditional sports, like sumo wrestling and a variety of martial arts, to take in. But there is also a vibrant baseball culture here as well.

Fans might be used to watching games at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park, but Japan has really adopted the sport as its own. The league is one of the best and it is interesting to see ‘America’s game’ played on the other side of the world. Add to that a very good soccer league, and Tokyo is well worth a visit for any sports enthusiast.

Chicago, USA

We’re staying a little closer home with our next destination. It may not cost as much to make it to the Windy City – but there is a wide range of sports that can be enjoyed here. All the big four American sports are represented, as well as soccer teams playing in both the men’s and women’s top leagues.

Football fans can revel in the history of the Bears, while the Blackhawks are one of the most famous teams in hockey. The Bulls are not quite as good as when Michael Jordan was the star, but still worth a visit. The only tough choice you really have in Chicago is picking between watching the White Sox or the Cubs!

Melbourne, Australia

You can watch a number of soccer teams, or watch elite southern hemisphere basketball in Melbourne. But if you are going all the way to Australia’s cultural center, we think that you should take in some of the more traditional sports the country has to offer.

A visit to the MCG to watch the cricket is a must. The famous stadium is an iconic structure and the crowd becomes part of the spectacle. But if it is a completely unique experience you are after, make your way to one of the eight top tier Aussie Rules teams the city is home to.

Sports Vacation Destinations
Figure 2 Sport is everywhere in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although the beaches of Rio have their own very obvious charms to entice any visitors, sports fans will be heading for one of the most iconic soccer stadiums on the planet. The sport may have been invented in England but most fans would say that it was Brazil that mastered it.

The stadium in question is the Maracana. It hosted World Cup games in 1950 – including the infamous defeat to Uruguay that lost them the tournament – as well as in the 2014 edition. It also hosts club soccer, so you should be able to catch a game of some description whenever you go.

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