Where to Find Your Winter Tropical Sun?

Most tropical destinations have the best weather when the northern hemisphere hits winter, convenient for people who seek palm trees, sand, and abundance of the sun instead of snowy Alpine slopes. 

Replacing freezing temperatures, lousy weather, and grey skies with turquoise waters of remote islands is an appealing idea, and there are plenty of options for such escape. Here are some of the best destinations.

Divine Archipelago in the Indian Ocean

The best time to visit the Maldives is from mid-December to April. It’s dry season on this tropical archipelago sprinkled with high-end resorts where you will feel like paradise. Sandy beaches, clear water and numerous activities like swimming with sharks and snorkelling can turn your gloomy winter into a blue sky sunbathed vacation.

Beach, Rich History and Gaming on Yucatan

Similar to the Maldives, winter is the hurricane-less season for the Caribbean and Yucatan. The Mexican peninsula has many tourist towns like Cancun, Tulum and others. You can explore Mayan temples in the Yucatan jungle or enjoy incredible sandy beaches. However, unlike the Maldives, Mexico can offer much more attractions and activities. 

Cancun has developed a gaming scene with numerous casinos to play a vast selection of slots, table and card games. If you’re more of staying at home at night, most accommodation has broadband Internet, and you can play igaming and different kinds of games online.

A Cheapest Tropical Escape in Bali

Bali is another tropical island famous for more than just pristine nature and incredible beaches. It has excellent resorts with affordable prices. The winter season is dry, with occasional tropical rains. You can explore the diverse culture and great heritage of the heavily populated island and enjoy local festivities. The cuisine is also incredible, and wheater you dwell in the jungle or stay on the sandy beach, it will be warm and beautiful. 

Travel to the End of the World

French Polynesia is about as far as you can go to find a summer escape. Bora Bora is the most famous destinations in the archipelago, and the pure beauty of this tropical island will blow most visitors away. Incredible shades of blue in the pristine waters, reefs that create perfect Lagunas, and great weather make Bora Bora a costly but incredible choice for winter-summer vacation. You should note, though, March is stormy in French Polynesia, so you should probably go in earlier stages of winter.

Experience Cuba

Cuba is a vast Caribbean island with various tourist offers and a communist society with a different standard of living. You can experience the high-end resorts and beautiful nature of the island, famous cigars, and rum, and see the other side of living in Cuba driving through the Havana streets in vintage taxis.

Top of the World in Dubai

Dubai connects miles of sandy beaches, warm sea with incredible architecture and top-flight hotels in one diverse and exciting mixture. Climb the observation deck on Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, drive jeeps to the dunes in the desert, and swim on great beaches all in the same vacation.

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