Most Impressive Countries for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography results in some of the most beautiful photos that you can take. The goal is to capture nature free of human intervention in its original beauty. Or maybe even incorporate human doing as a juxtaposition between the natural and the artificial. In this list, we present some of the most suitable countries for that kind of photography. 


We are starting are our list with a strange choice. Monaco. Monaco is not known for its nature or exciting geography. It is the exact opposite. It’s a small city-state that best symbolizes human intervention. Monaco is lavish wealth and glamorous events like the Monaco Yacht Show or the Monaco Grand Prix. Landscape photography doesn’t only have to be about tranquil nature. Taking pictures of humanity at its most “active” form also has a certain beauty to it. Buzzy, flashy, showing off, full of wealth.

Monaco is most famous for its casinos as it features some of the best casinos in all of Europe. But make no mistake, these are not your typical local casinos. It’s a massive playground for the millionaires and billionaires of the world – the whole city is. So the regular Joe should most likely stick to online cards, casinos, and slot machines until they win. Then maybe they will be able to afford the luxurious casinos of Monaco. In the meantime, everyone is welcome to come and take pictures of them.

The Italian Dolomites

While Italy might be more famous for its beaches, the natural beauty lies in its mountain area. Meet the mountain range of the Dolomites. There you have 18 jagged alpine peaks at your disposal for taking photos. Scenic valleys, meadows, and picturesque forests and lakes, it has it all. Especially consider Val di Funes, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Lago di Braies.


China is a vast country, and that allows for a lot of different scenery. On the one hand, you have the buzzy streets of Beijing. On the other, you have the Yuanyang terraced rice fields, which have been declared the most beautiful in the world. Kilometres and kilometres of white rice fields covered in the sunset. 


Everyone knows how Scotland gets represented in the popular imagination, and it’s true. Castles, hills, waterfalls, and fascinating geological formations make some of Scotland’s places appear more dream than reality. We especially recommend the Isle of Skye. There you can find Fairy Pools, the picture-worthy Neist Point Lighthouse, Sligachan (Cuillin mountains creating a great background), and a gem no photographer should miss – The Old Man of Storr.

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are in Norway, and they were likely your desktop background for years without you even knowing it. Just above the Arctic Circle, if you come somewhere between September and April, you will be able to witness the majestic Northern Lights. This place is unique in the scenes that it creates, whether they are the small, rustic fishing villages, the small harbour of Nusfjord, or the natural elements like the deep fjords, mountains with their snow peaks that appear everywhere on the horizon, or the icy blue (and white) beaches. Simply magical.

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