5 Picturesque Natural Landscapes To Visit In Mauritius

This lovely tourist country Mauritius is known for the lush green meadows and landscapes with crystal clear blue waters. This Island country is located east of Madagascar and the south-eastern coast of Africa. The fantastic and unique sight of white sandy beaches, distinct wildlife, volcanic landscapes, and natural diversification makes this country one of the iconic tourist spots. The travelers can go hiking, sailing, take walking tours, indulge in water sports, and more.

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So, without wasting time, let’s take you through the beautiful natural landscapes that one can visit in Mauritius.

Trou Aux Cerfs

It is a type of dormant volcano based in Curepipe. There is a cone and the crater, and the experts believe it will become active in the coming 1000 years. You can get a 360-degrees view not only of this place but of neighboring areas too. This natural site has a thick covering of vegetation that offers a good walk. However, the road to the crater is quite dangerous, so one must not attempt and take those particular routes.

Chamarel Colored Earth

This extraordinary seven-colored natural phenomenon is quite spectacular. It feels like you have been transported to another planet. A geographical formation forms at the sight of this landscape, with sand dunes having colors like red, violet, brown, green, yellow, blue, and purple. This is a decomposition of the volcanic rock with dunes cooling at different temperatures. Well, you can get the small tube of this sand from the sellers at the entrance.

Le Morne

This place is popularly known as Le Morne Brabant, located in the southern part of this Island country. It is a sparsely populated place from where Le Morne Mountain is visible. This place is classified as World Heritage and includes many details about the history of Mauritius.  Le Morne is full of other incredible viewpoints and has lush blue waters with white sandy beaches. Moreover, the tourists can find some amazing landscapes to click good pictures and explore some native plants and trees.

La Vanille Nature Park

It is a lush green natural park that is quite stunning and ideal for sightseeing because of the tropical vegetation it exhibits. You can enjoy the walk with giant captive-bred Aldabra Tortoises that you will only find here. There are almost 2000 Nile Crocodiles and other animals too. You can find iguanas, monkeys, geckos, bats, deer, wild boars, and deer. There is a fossil museum, insectariums, and aquarium. Moreover, tourists can find banana and palm trees, tropical forest vegetation, and large bamboos.

Tamarin Waterfalls

This waterfall is also known as Seven Cascades and is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Mauritius. It is located near the small village on the central plateau that is called Henrietta. The 7 Cascades is famous for its picturesque valleys and green scenic views. If you want to experience adventure activities like hiking, walking in the dense forest, and swimming, this is the best place. It is one of the rewarding treks for the hikers with vertical climbs but has some safe passages.


So, if you are a fan of breathtaking views and natural landscapes, Mauritius is a fantastic place to visit. You can get the best pictures to click with your friends and family. The hikers or the natural walkers can also visit the places near these places and other famous beaches here.

Image by wurliburli from Pixabay

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