How to Create a Professional (Photo) Portfolio to Attract Respectable Clients

With modern technology and high-quality smartphone cameras, you are not sure if you are needed as a professional photographer with all your gear? Like every other industry photo, you are required, and the film industry is evolving and developing new technologies. With few simple tricks and a little bit of knowledge, you can easily stand out with your portfolio among the others. For example, let’s take one social media profile from the igaming industry and one from the technology industry. Those are the two fastest-growing industries with high numbers of followers and fans across the world. We have few simple rules that are the foundation of the high-quality portfolio that will attract respectable clients on any place on Earth.

Transferring Energy to Viewers

Let’s go by example, so you have a better feel for it. Betsson AB – an online gambling operator that works worldwide. They offer igaming, casino, and poker gaming for online users using up-to-date mobile and desktop platforms. As a well-established online brand, they put a lot of effort into branding. If you would like to work with such a company as a professional photographer, you need to understand energy in the gaming industry. On their websites and social media, you can easily see what they are looking for when it comes to their interaction with their users. In theory, a combination of high-quality photography and photo editing in professional programs like the Adobe Master collection will get you the job. Still, the base of every photo needs to be a professional camera and high-quality equipment. Use rule of three, take three photos in a given moment to have material to choose from. Make photography with slow-motion technology that will capture energy in one specific moment. If you are going on one particular interview, for example, in this company, edit your photos in their signature colours to easily see your work in their vision. If they don’t have specific requirements for a new marketing campaign, try to do something opposite of their previous branding materials while holding the initial idea as an anchor.

Captured Emotions That Users Want to Feel

Samsung Mobile is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers worldwide, their main goal is user experience, and they present it in their marketing materials. A helpful tip, in this case, is to try to capture feelings and moments that will look natural. Through the photo, you want viewers to feel emotions, excitement, happiness, expectancy. Feelings that photographer captures will attract clients, and they will want their customers to touch it while interacting with the company. Try to find that one invisible moment, that spark of joy that is not visible to everyone. To enhance feelings, go to basics and use light and shadow. When you struggle with the materials and want to present emotions to clients like Samsung that use pure user experience, clean, high-quality photography will do the trick. Use prism and make your signature bokeh effect that will complement the emotions you want to represent. While experimenting with light and bokeh, you will make your photography style that you will be known for.

Modern Technology in Photography

The high-quality camera and photo equipment that you know to use is the base of good photo material, but play smart and use technology in your favour. Easily make your significant photo with technology gadgets like prism set, filter ring adapters, or slow-motion pictures that will make magic in everyday photography.

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