Best Places to Visit While in Canada

Thinking of traveling to the great provinces? Maybe you’re already there and you’re looking for a new escape? No matter how you’re arriving or where you’re from, we’ve got some of the best places for you to visit while you’re exploring the Great White North!

Keep in mind while you’re planning to travel any current advisories or restrictions that may be in effect due to Covid-19 and, as always, safe travels.

A Diverse Country

When people think of Canada, they most likely think of the sprawling natural territories rich with wildlife and picturesque landscapes that this vast country is well known for. But there are also historic cities, exciting urban nightlife, and seaside getaways. 

Of course, the natural world is one of Canada’s highlights and for nature-lovers looking for a taste of what the wilderness has to offer, Jasper National Park is a must-see destination. This park is massive, being one of the largest parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Apart from breathtaking views, the opportunity to see a huge variety of wildlife, and room for cold-weather activities like skiing and snowshoeing, adventurers can take advantage of tours and other services offered in the centralized town of Jasper. 

The City with it All

Whether you’re a tourist who wants to get a taste of what Canada really has to offer or a local looking for something new, there is something for everyone in Toronto. You can visit the Royal Ontario Art Museum or the entertainment district to see an exhibit or show. Meanwhile, the famous CN tower will give you a clear view of the city from the Sky Pod, and below that is the Ripley’s Aquarium.

A little over an hour outside of Toronto is Niagara Falls, the three waterfalls that sit on the border between the United States and Canada. The Falls are famous for their beauty, and their proximity to this major hub makes this the perfect day trip for tourists and locals alike.

If you’re looking for a little more than natural wonders on your excursion, there is also one of the top-rated Canadian casinos near Niagara where you can spend a few hours relaxing and trying your luck. When you’re ready to return to the city, there’s a variety of popular casinos waiting to light up your nightlife as well! However, if you prefer to relax and play table games from your hotel room, you can do that also as the internet speed will not disappoint.

Island Living

Taking things a little slower can lead you to Prince Edward Island, which is the smallest province in Canada and the setting for the classic novel Anne of Green Gables. You can actually visit the Green Gables Heritage House, the property that inspired the setting for the novel that is now internationally known. 

There are also several parks and trails that include beautiful views of the shores, and areas that are perfect for walking along the red and white sands and swimming at warm beaches. What is a vacation without a day at the beach, after all? 

One of the parks, the Prince Edward Island National Park, boasts a most unique ecosystem and rich history within its borders. In Greenwich, coastal dunes are home to a variety of rare species and archeological treasures from aboriginal peoples and early settlers alike. A floating boardwalk and trail let you explore the dunes, in addition to the soft beaches and the Greenwich Interpretation Center. 

Travel Responsibly 
Canada is a great vacation spot for travelers of all kinds, but no matter what kind of getaway you’re looking for, make sure you’re traveling not just in style, but with class. Be courteous of your fellow travelers, especially while pandemic restrictions are still a concern.

Educate yourself about laws and advisories in the destinations you want to go to and don’t be angry if plans need to change because of something you weren’t informed about. Research is your best friend when going abroad and knowing about social norms, legal concerns, and even potential cultural issues before you travel is a good idea. 

Once again, safe travels, and enjoy your trek into the Great White North. Life is too short to spend it all in one place, but if we all travel happily and responsibly maybe we can all see the world in a different way someday!