Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – Fun things to do in Fuerteventura as a visitor

Many exciting stories have been heard about relaxations on islands, and the story isn’t so different from that of the Fuerteventura, the second-largest Canary Islands of Spain. This Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean about 100km from Africa’s north coast. It is an accessible location for vacations and relaxations from the world of stress.

Fuerteventura Islands is known for its numerous beaches wrapped around cliffs and coves that are suitable for water sports, including surfing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. The beautiful white-sand beaches and all-year-round breezy warmth provide visitors with relishable comforts.

As you make the plans for visiting Fuerteventura, here are some fun things you can do in the Canary Islands.

  1. Engage in water sports

Water sports is one of the fun activities to indulge at Fuerteventura. All through the Canary Islands, water sports remain widespread, and it includes popular games such as surfing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. The sports are very enjoyable in Fuerteventura because of the strong winds and high waves peculiar to these locations.

There are some select locations for enjoying such fun sports in the Fuerteventura; for example, the Corralejo reserve is extremely popular for surfing and windsurfing. While the northern coast of the Islands are famous for snorkelling

Also, there are traditional sports you can enrol yourself during your visit to Fuerteventura, including the local martial art sports, Canarian boules, and others. If you are a water sports lover, a vacation to Fuerteventura should be one thing for you to have in your plans.

  1. Enjoy the traditional delicacies

It is always fun to try out new food. And with the different delicacies available on the islands, you will request more if you happen to be a foodie. However, a peculiar traditional treat associated with Fuerteventura is the Majorero Cheese; a locally made cheese produced from goats’ milk.

The name “Majorero” is a Guanche word that originated from the Canary Islands’ indigenous people, and it refers to the species of goat whose milk is used for the cheese. And surprisingly, the Islands have a museum dedicated to the Majorero Cheese, located in the same centre as the famous Antigua Windmill.

  1. Visit the sculpture park

The sculpture park is an open-air fun centre located in the capital city of Puerto del Rosario with more than 100 different sculptures crafted by great indigenous artists.  The sculptures are skilful designs that tell the stories of imaginative minds, and most of the sculptures were created during critical events.

One of these popular events is the International Symposium of Sculptures, where sculptures are created and set up openly for visitors to behold. The Symposium is an annual event where new works are revealed and discovered regularly.

For visitors who have a passion for art, the Sculpture Park is a fun place that will pique their interest. A relaxed stroll with their partners through the Park in the ambience of great beauty and artistic creations would be a pleasant sight that will linger in their minds forever.

  1. Explore the Antigua Windmill Craft Center

The Antigua Windmill Craft Centre is located in the same complex as the Majorero Cheese Museum in Antigua. The craft centre is home to all the local arts and crafts in Fuerteventura. It allows visitors to explore, learn and discover antiques that originated from the Canary Islands.

Also available in the craft centre is the windmill, where visitors get to understand the techniques on which the mill is built. A student of history will enjoy this location because art is displayed in paintings and archaeology in great detail.

The craft centre is one of the places to learn the unique historical heritage and lifestyles of Antigua’s indigenous people from ages past. Moreover, a walk through the large garden of cactus in the town is therapeutic, offering great relaxation to visitors.

  1. Enjoy the spectacular Corralejo Natural Reserve

Explore the natural reserve centre that contains the most massive dunes in the Canary Islands. The Park is a must-see place that has a distance of 10km from Puerto Remedio to La Salina. This vast land area serves as home to different local animals and plant species.

Natural Park’s organic origin makes species such as the molluscs and other sea organisms prevalent in the area. Moreover, the beach in the region is the best location for water sports due to the Natural Reserve’s ever-conducive weather conditions.

A visit would make you enjoy the volcanic landscapes of the natural Park alongside the fun sporting activities such as snorkelling, and windsurfing peculiar to Corralejo.