What makes Singapore an exciting place to visit

Singapore is one of a kind country. Apart from being a country, it is also an island and a city. It is the only place in the world that can be described as such. The whole of Singapore is one big Island with over mostly uninhabited 62 islets.

Singapore is a perfect blend between the natural trail and modernity, ancient and contemporary, the west and east, water and land, and other contrasts. The island city-state has a lot of diversity of attractions, which makes Singapore one of the top tourist destinations for all kinds and ages of people. Here are some captivating places to include in your travel itinerary to enjoy the wonder of Singapore.

Gardens by the bay

The 101-acre reclaimed land is a perfect description of the mix of nature and human-made wonders of Singapore. Combining the amazing varieties of flowers, trees including the supertrees and the architectural beauty of OCBC Skyway, Gardens by the Bay gives you the feeling of being part of a fairytale, the Sci-fi one.  

The diversity of nature in the Garden is astounding. It can best be appreciated exploring the three waterfront parks in the Garden by the bay, including Bay East Garden, Bay Central and Bay South Garden.

The largest, Bay South Garden has the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, which is the largest glass conservatory greenhouse in the world. The Cloud Forest has a 35-meter tree covering a fantastic collection of beautiful species of plants. The kids are also taken into consideration in the master plan of Garden by the bay, with children garden and adventure trails for kids.

A fee of S$8 (Singapore dollars) will earn a walk through the OCBC Skyway, where you can take all the breathtaking paradise view in, from a height of 22 meters.

Marina Bay Sands

Close to the iconic Garden by the bay is the Marina Bay sand. The Marina bay is a symbol of Singapore redevelopment, which is where the City River empties. Marina Bay Sands Hotel is an emblem of the exceptional architecture of three towers. It further exemplified by a boat-like one-hectare roof terrace sitting on top and connecting three towers. The hotel has 2600 rooms and undisputedly the biggest in Singapore, with a 52 story interconnected building covering over 1.2 hectares.

The SkyPark at the height of 200m displays all the beauty of Marina Bay Sands without holding any detail back. Its casino complex, restaurants, infinity swimming pool, landscaped Garden with 250 trees and 650 players and cantilevered observation for a breathtaking view of the extraordinary landmark of the city. The colorful buildings combined with blue water with boats on top to give one of the best sights in the world.

Sentosa Island

Formerly known as Pulau Belakang Mati, meaning ‘island of the dead’ in Malay. The Singapore government changed the name and fortune of the Island, and turned it to a tourist attraction. It was given a new name, “Sentosa,” which translates to peace and tranquility. 

The 5km Island, which is about 500 meters from Singapore’s main Island, has everything in stock, it is a place of peace and fun for Singaporeans and tourists of all ages. The Island receives as many as 20 million visitors every year for adrenaline-inducing adventure and escapes from everyday routine.

For those that want some thrilling actions while soaking in the beauty of the Island, the 36-obstacle treetop rope and 15-meter free-fall simulator at MegaJump will give them that adrenaline-pumping adventure. The beautiful resort also brings peaceful, nature-loving tourists closer to the ocean life with The S.E.A Aquarium Singapore that houses over 100,000 different kinds of marine animals in an enormous glass tank.

Merlion Park

The Marina Bay, the Singapore center of attraction, alsothe location of the the symbolic 28-foot Merlion statue. The half lion and half fish statue convey the long history of Singapore as a fishing village and the translation of Singapura “Lion city” nickname of the city. The fountain-statue always catches the attention of the onlooker during the day and even better at night with its glowing lights.

As a tourist, you can enjoy a fantastic cityscape view made even more beautiful by the body of water. It is a great place to take memorable pictures with famous sites such as Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theater, Raffles statue, etc. all prominent and in full view. It is a perfect place to capture the best of Singapore in photographs. 

Singapore is far from the city with the best natural attraction. It is the best tourist destination that combines what nature offers with amazing human creativity to produce one of the world’s best tourist destinations. Whether you want a relaxing and peaceful vacation, or an adrenaline-inducing adventure, Singapore is the place to be.