South Pacific Islands – French Polynesia – Interesting things to do

South Pacific Islands – French Polynesia is a collection of over 100 islands. This is an overseas collectivity of France, and it covers more than 2,000 km distance. French Polynesia is popular for its coral-fringed lagoons, beaches, mountains, and towering waterfalls. The islands have features that make them beautiful and attractive to visitors.

For instance, the beaches feature white- and black-sand that are colorful and beautiful to behold. The region is also peculiar with rugged backcountry of mountains, cliffs, and hills. French Polynesia is divided into the Gambier, Austral, Marquesas, Society, and Tuamotu archipelagos.

With the beauty of nature displayed in the south pacific islands, visitors would experience nature at its untouched state. Moreover, there are some interesting things they can also do at French Polynesia to have remarkable moments. These include:

South Pacific Islands

Submerge yourself in the Island Life

The indigenous people of French Pholynesia are very accommodating with great smiles and open hearts to welcome visitors. Their faces are friendly with a warm heart to treat visitors as one them. With this kind of reception from the islands’ inhabitants, you have no reason not to submerge yourself into the island life.

People on the islands live such a simple life that visitors could sometimes mistake for a carefree living. However, when you mix and chat with them, you would understand the secret behind their simplicity and open-heartedness towards visitors.

After the day’s tour or hike with your guide, you could join a group of indigenous folks to have family moments to hear tales and stories about the islands. More so, the Tahitians never miss the opportunity to teach visitors their language. Even if you suck at learning new languages, you would learn ‘ia orana,’ which means ‘hello.’

Don’t miss the excitement of road tripping around the Islands

Though the islands of French Polynesia are about 100 in numbers, each is relatively small to road-trip. Yes. You can decide to stroll the islands by hiring a car, scooter, or legs. The main thing is the freedom that comes with it. Enjoy the breeze and relish the moments with reckless abandon.

The islands look like grains of sand on the world map, but physically it’s huge enough for gainful exploration. Some of the few places you should road-trip include the coastline of Tahiti Nui in Tahiti, the long-old worship centers on the roadside in Huahine, and the numerous bays at Marquesas.

Bora Bora - South Pacific Islands

Acquire some Polynesian Skills

The indigenous South Pacific Islands are known to dance lovers. Over the centuries-long before civilization, history has it that inhabitants of the islands gather together to dance and play with fire in the evening after the day’s work.

Interestingly, modern dwellers of the islands still enjoy dance and fire play, and you can also acquire the skill. In Tahiti, ladies use exotic costumes themselves and dance with their hips shaking vigorously and with the men using their knees to perform wonders while dancing.

Evenings at any of the French Polynesia islands are fantastic moments where visitors always look forward to great performances.

Scuba dive to enjoy moments with different aquatic species

It’s time to enjoy the azure waters of French Polynesia. Marine life is one of the best globally- scuba diving with sharks, dolphins, and manta rays. The Rangiroa and Fakayara’ atolls are the centers to have a terrific scuba diving experience on the islands.

At the atolls of Rangiroa and Fakayara, you would be received by different aquatic species, from the walls of sharks and the dolphin families. And the Society Islands, your scuba diving companions would be sharks along the canyons and manta rays at the “cleaning station” of Maupiti lagoons.


Explore the beautiful lagoons on the South Pacific Islands

Exploring the lagoons at French Polynesia passes as one of the interesting things you would do on the islands. The lagoon creates a uniquely beautiful world of their own- separating the islands from the South Pacific oceans with coral reefs located a few distances away.

You would see the giant swimming pools and, at the same time, enjoy tasty delicacies such as BBQ lunch. Without fail, the pink sand beaches of Fakayara and nurse sharks would hold you spellbound.

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