Whitsunday Islands Australia – Best tourist attractions to visit on the Islands

Located on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, the Whitsunday Islands are a collection of 74 top-rated tourist attractions. The islands are filled with wonders of nature from the Great Barrier Reef to the unique tropical islands.

The pearly beaches that dot the islands are pleasant for vacations and different kinds of holidays. Most of the islands are empty with no inhabitants, but they are enjoyable centers to admire nature. The islands are typical of dense rainforest, hiking trails, and beautiful white sand beaches, suitable for tourism.

With the massive stretch of coral reefs alongside the abundant marine life, you can never get bored of exploring the 74 Whitsunday Islands.  Moreover, the Airlie Beach town that serves as the central hub for the islands lies on the mainland with a high number of activities should you get bored of the islands.

Are you thinking about where to start your exploration to have the best experience of the 74 islands?

Here are some things you can start with:

A visit to the Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is full of silica sand with azure waters, a crystalline beach located on Whitsunday Island, the most significant island among all the 74 islands. The beach is gorgeous and serves as a spot for picnics and short trips.

There are countless things you can do at the beach, from exploring the whole beach by walking trails to enjoying the bird’s-eye view at Tongue Point. Visitors who want to camp on the beach would have to navigate themselves to the southern end. However, most visitors come to the beach on day trips through yachts and powerboats.

If you decide to join the Ocean Rafting Tour excursion to Whitehaven Beach, you would be able to explore the beach as you want. The 7-hour tour allows you to snorkel among the reefs, laze off on the beach, among several other things.

Go for sailing trips and cruises across

It’s guaranteed you want to explore and enjoy your time on the islands away from the busy life you are used to. And a great way to enjoy this is by going on trips and cruises across the islands. The fact that there are about 74 different attractions on the islands makes it enthralling.

When you sail-trip and cruise across the island, you would get to a better view of nature and appreciate the pleasantness of the island to the minutest detail. During your sail trips and cruises, you get to snorkel and hike trails when your tour has a stopover.

Going for these trips and cruises will enable you to feel the sea’s beautiful breeze in your hair and enjoy the salt spray on your face.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the world. The reef is under the crystal-clear Coral Sea, and it remains the only available structure observable from Space. The Great Barrier Reef is so important to the Whitsundays Islands, in that its presence helps to add comforts and shield the waters from large ocean swells.

With the vast number of marine organisms’ biodiversity in the reef, it remains one of the most abundant ecosystems in the world. Housing about 1,600 species of fish and over 1,400 types of coral and other animal species such as turtles, giant clams, sharks, and sea snakes.

The naturally formed heart shape of the Great Coral Reef makes it beautiful to behold. And the spot remains an incredible spot for cruising, sailing and all sorts of water sports including snorkeling and scuba diving.

Sail to the Hamilton Island

The island is a center for commercial activities with many resorts and attractions. And it’s the only island on the Whitsunday Islands that has a commercial airport. The island is a must-visit spot among all other islands.

At Hamilton, you can indulge yourself in varying types of activities, but water sports remains one of the most popular like other islands. Interestingly, accommodations are also accessible to come-by even though the island is a commercial center.

Enjoy yourself at Whitsunday Islands National Park

The national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, and it encompasses about 32 of the tropical islands in the region. Exploring the national park with the help of a guide would mean the world to nature lovers.

But to have a great experience and enjoy yourself at the national park on your visit, endeavor to camp on one of the islands encompassed by the park.