Important things to know before planning a trip to Poland

Poland is fast becoming one of the top European tourist destinations. The big country is experiencing a constant increase in the number of visitors for its history, culture and captivating natural landmarks. Though not many people’s apparent choice of a vacation destination and some still don’t know the fascination that Poland packs, probably due to inadequate publicity and some unpalatable history. 

With the internet, the hidden gem is gradually being unveiled. Tourists are getting to see many reasons to make Poland their next vacation destination. Whether your vacation inclination is a thrilling adventure or serenity, the country has something for everyone. Before you plan a trip to Poland, there are some essential details you should know about the country.

  • Poland Vacation is affordable

Enjoying the best of European vacation usually doesn’t come cheap. Poland is one of the less pocket-draining destinations in Europe. Even though Poland is blessed with fascinating natural sites, spending vacations in several of its cities is pretty affordable.

Besides fascinating landscapes and other natural attractions, the country has rich collections of culture, beauty, intriguing history, food and amazingly friendly people. You can be sure to get a very excellent value for money spent exploring Poland. Surprisingly, gaining access to many of Poland’s attractions is free while others cost as low as €5. Food is also pretty available, especially if you find the right local spot to enjoy the best of Poland Cuisines.

  • Dieting can be tough

For those watching their diets, the hospitality and food will make you fall into temptation. The Polish believe everyone, especially the guests, should eat till their stomach can handle it no more. You’re more likely to be served for the second time, regardless of how I feel that you are the worst time to stop. Poland’s cuisines have a lot of calories and are often delicious.

For the Foodies, Poland is the right place to fill it at any time of the year with varieties of dishes from spicy to sweet. Soups such as zapiekanka, placki ziemniaczane, bigos, kopytka, borscht, etc. are likely to win your heart. There are a lot of delicious dishes, beef tartare and so on.

 Also, meat and potatoes with assorted salads are one of the staple Polish food. You can then wash it down with shots of Polish vodka. 

  • Drinking in public is illegal

Traveling to a foreign, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law. Drinking alcohol in public places is common in many parts of the world but not in Poland, you will be breaking the law.  

It is a bit ironic for a country that is among the top producers of beer in Europe and popularly known to be among the top consumers of alcohol. Vodka is by far the most popular drink and is readily served in every spot and gatherings in Poland. 

Are you coming to Poland? You can spend the night in any of the numerous cozy pubs or clubs and drink to your heart desire. You only have to refrain from drinking in public and driving when drunk, as both will earn you a ticket. 

  • The Cold is overstated

One worry of many travelers about the country is cold. Admittedly it can be very cold as you heard but not always. The country has a blend of the continental and oceanic climate due to its geographical location. Ultimately it experiences four seasons: cold Winters, breezy Springs, blazers summer and crispy fall.

The best time to visit Poland can depend on the weather of your original location. Understanding the highly unpredictable weather of Poland in a few sentences is a tough order. Your best bet is to prepare for anything. The consensus perfect time to visit Poland is the month of March when the weather usually starts with code before becoming pleasantly warm. It is the best part of the year for all kinds of outdoor activities or even hiking.

  • Beautiful places visiting Poland

Naturally, the first place that comes to mind is the capital of Poland, Warsaw. But the country has an abundance of captivating natural and cultural sceneries. Kraków should be on top of your itinerary when visiting Poland.  

As the old royal capital, you will be impressed by the medieval feel of the old town with considerable touches of modern architecture exemplified by Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Basilica. The street is full of cozy cafes and vibrant nightlife. 

Other favorite destinations of tourists with evidence of alternating cultures you should visit are Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan and Wroclaw.

  • Leisure activities in Poland

You can never run out of fun activities in Poland. There are a lot of things to see and engaging activities. For the adventure junkies, you can get a fix with indoor skydiving at Flyspot, show your wit at Room Escape Warsaw, Speed dating, Bungee Jumping and so on. 

Those that love taking it easy can take a trip down the history lane and visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Some of them are Crooked Forest in Gryfino, the holocaust site, Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków, color-changing Morskie Oko Lake in Tatra National Park and much more!

Some tourists will prefer to be free of their phones and the internet during vacation. If that is not you, then you can enjoy public Wi-Fi in public buses and places. Going on vacation does not have to stop your online activities and entertainment. Talk of entertainment, there are a good number of gaming sites targeted at the Polish people. You can also play casino games for free using no deposit bonus offered by some of these casino sites.

It is an open secret that polish people love to party and drink, you can cap off the day’s adventure at a beer-drinking pub with friendly locals.