Crew Neck Colors For Summer 2022

The summer is in full swing, but don’t worry – there’s still time to enjoy the warm weather and all the other seasonal joys! One of the best ways to embrace summer is to experiment more with your clothes. And no, you don’t need to do anything drastic. Simply choosing a brightly colored crewneck tee instead of your beloved black one is already an act of summer rebellion! Here are the best crewneck colors for summer 2022.

Dark orange 

You may have heard that orange doesn’t look good on anyone, but there is an exception with dark (or otherwise “burnt”) orange. It looks good on almost anyone, and it’s trending this season because of its optimistic symbolism. It’s not that hard to style a dark orange crewneck, too. Simply pair it with your khaki, navy, or white chino shorts, add boat shoes or espadrilles, and you’re good to go!

All shades of blue

Blue is always in style, but this season we’re encountering the trend of all 50 shades of it! Whether you like classic blue, Harbor Blue (blue with a hint of green), cobalt, or light misty blue.  The good thing about these shades is that they’re easy to style and look well on most complexions and hair colors!

Royal purple 

If you’re open to something more extravagant, you can’t go wrong with a royal purple crewneck. This color was all over the catwalks for the summer season, and we absolutely love it paired with off-white or other neutrals. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid other bold shades when wearing this color.

Bright yellow 

Okay, we will admit that bright yellow (also known as “daffodil yellow”) doesn’t look good on everyone. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t hesitate and get yourself a crewneck tee in this cheerful color!  Experiment with different pairings or go with safe, neutral shades like grey, off-white and beige.

Burnt, deep red 

Since we’re already talking about bold and bright colors, we can’t skip the burnt, deep red trending this summer. This shade will look excellent on a vintage cotton tee and give your outfit another dimension. No need to overdo it with accessories or anything else because the shade is your focal point.


If you’re looking for something more toned down, try a coffee color (a posh deep brown) that looks amazing with grey trousers or denim. This color may not be as bold as previous ones, but it will be a welcome change from your classic navy, grey and black!

Light beige 

Yes, beige is sometimes called “boring” or “non-exciting,” but not if you choose the right shade, and in this case, we’re talking about light, sandy beige. This type of crewneck is an excellent substitute for traditional white, and it looks luxurious, even a little bit royal, if you opt for high-quality.

Very white 

We can’t exclude white crew neck shirt from the list because it’s the ultimate summer color. However, what you can change is to choose the very (we mean very) white crewneck that will be the perfect pair for your classic blue jeans-white-tee and fun experimental looks with bold colors and patterns.

Very Peri 

We’re going to leave you with this season’s Pantone’s color of 2022 – Very Peri. This color is everywhere, but that’s because it’s absolutely gorgeous. While guys may be apprehensive of wearing lavender or light purple adjacent colored crewnecks, we say take a leap of faith and try it! Trust us, you’ll get a ton of compliments, and the best thing is you don’t need to think about accessorizing as it’s enough on its own!


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