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Paris is more than 2,000 years old. Gauls settled there between 250 and 200 BC and founded a fishing village on an island in the river that is the presentday Ile de la Cité, the center around which Paris developed. Paris is located in northern central France. The area north of the river Seine, the Rive Droite (Right Bank), includes the tree-lined Avenue des Champs-Élysées, running west to the Arc de Triomphe. East of the avenue is the massive Musée du Louvre and the Centre Georges Pompidou. On the Île de la Cité is the world-famous Notre Dame. The area south of the river is home to the city's most prominent landmark, the Eiffel Tower. 
> Eiffel Tower: This towering edifice was built for the World Fair of 1889, held to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. Named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel, it stands 320m high and held the record as the world's tallest structure until 1930. 
Notre Dame: The city's cathedral ranks as one of the greatest achievements of Gothic architecture. Notre Dame was begun in 1163 and completed around 1345.
Musée du Louvre: This enormous building, constructed around 1200 as a fortress and rebuilt in the mid-16th century for use as a royal palace, began its career as a public museum in 1793. In the 1980s, the Louvre was revamped, with the addition of a 21m glass pyramid entrance. 
Centre Georges Pompidou: Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in the '70s, the Centre Georges Pompidou is displaying and promoting modern and contemporary art.
Versailles: Beginning in 1664, the construction of the castle lasted viltually until 1715. It remained the residence of the royal family until the Revolution of 1789. 
Disneyland Paris: Disney Paris is Europe's most magical adventure for children and adults alike. There are no less than five imaginary lands to enjoy. You can stay in one of several Disney-themed hotels in three different price ranges inside the park, or you can stay “in France” and travel to EuroDisney by train or car.

Hotels and hostels in Paris
For backpackers wanting somewhere cheap to stay in the city itself, there is the ‘Hotel Alize Grenelle Tour Eiffel’ on Avenue Emile Zola, between the Tour and the Porte de Versailles. Rooms are soundproofed and there is free Wifi and parking nearby. As an alternative, try the ‘Perfect Hostel’, within walking distance of the Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur. This hotel for backpackers and families on a budget has ensuite rooms for two or three, and a lounge and TV room for socialising. A three-star hotel in traditional Parisian style is the ‘Hotel Left Bank Saint Germain’. Here the 31 rooms are air-conditioned and there is a flowery courtyard to relax in. Wifi is free here too. In the four-star hotel category, try the ‘Citadines Prestige Les Halles’, an apartment-hotel just 500m from the Pompidou Centre and a ten minute walk from The Louvre. (There is a metro station close by too.) Each air-conditioned apartment has a private bathroom and kitchen with microwave, fridge and dishwasher. Also within walking distance of the main sights but at the luxury end of the range is ‘Le 123 Sebastopol – Astotel’ (i.e. the Astotel group’s hotel in boulevard Sebastopol). The whole hotel is themed around cinema, and each room is individually styled with unique cinematic décor – it’s a shame you will only get to see inside one of them (though there are pictures of others on the hotel’s website)!

arc-de-triomphe.jpg (172837 Byte) Arc de Triomphe, Paris paris-93z.jpg (143974 Byte) Tomb of the unknown Soldier champs-elysees.jpg (194402 Byte) Champs Elysees, Paris, picture champs-elysees-night.jpg (85493 Byte) Champs Elysees night, Paris, picture
tomb-unknown-soldier.jpg (113798 Byte) Paris Tomb soldier champs_elysees_paris.jpg (124933 Byte) Avenue Champs Elysees, Paris, picture hotel-de-ville.jpg (170761 Byte) Hotel de Ville, Paris madeleine-paris.jpg (142144 Byte) Madelaine Paris photo
notre-dame-seine.jpg (130646 Byte) Seine Notre dame Paris notre-dame.jpg (157576 Byte) Notre Dame Paris paris-notre-dame-9iw.jpg (142002 Byte) Paris, France, Notre Dame bouquiniste.jpg (167769 Byte) bouquiniste, Paris, picture
opera-paris.jpg (147013 Byte) Opera Paris egyptian-obelisk.jpg (93284 Byte) obelisk Paris Concorde, picture fountain-place-concorde.jpg (136678 Byte) place Concorde, Paris picture place-concorde-paris.jpg (104228 Byte) Place Concorde Paris photo
louvre-museum.jpg (153303 Byte) museum Louvre Paris louvre-pyramid.jpg (122580 Byte) Louvre pyramid, Paris louvre-9i3.jpg (142155 Byte) museum Paris
eiffel-tower-lb5.jpg (133013 Byte) Eiffel tower, Paris, photo tower-eiffel-lh4.jpg (101626 Byte) Paris Eiffel tower eiffel-tower-night.jpg (58164 Byte) Eiffel tower night photo, Paris tower-eiffel-night.jpg (50430 Byte) tower Eiffel Paris
eiffelturm.jpg (129122 Byte) Eiffel tower Paris la-tour-eiffel-paris.jpg (117349 Byte) Eiffel tower Paris photo tour-eiffel-94h.jpg (182610 Byte) Eiffel tower Paris tour-eiffel-night.jpg (78354 Byte) Eiffel tower Paris
paris-8m5.jpg (128429 Byte) Eiffel tower photo paris-u73.jpg (125051 Byte) jardin_tuileries.jpg (150432 Byte) Jardin des Tuileries, Paris tuileries-fence.jpg (160972 Byte) Jardin des Tuileries, Paris
les-invalides.jpg (107936 Byte) Les Invalides dom, Paris napoleon.jpg (64333 Byte) Napoleon Bonaparte painting, Invalides invalides-paris.jpg (86645 Byte) Invalides painitng Napoleon tomb-napoleon.jpg (96303 Byte) tomb Napoleon Paris
centre-g-pompidou.jpg (148421 Byte) Centre Pompidou, Paris centre-pompidou.jpg (137575 Byte) Centre Pompidou, Paris centre-georges-pompidou.jpg (156333 Byte) Centre Pompidou, Paris
les-halles.jpg (152316 Byte) Les Halles, Paris place-de-bastille.jpg (85830 Byte) Place Bastille Paris galeries-lafayette.jpg (189167 Byte) Paris, Galleries Lafayette arc-triomphe-carrousel.jpg (108349 Byte) Arc Caroussel, Paris, photo
sacre-coeur.jpg (162522 Byte) Sacre Coeur Paris place-tertre.jpg (136295 Byte) Place de Tertre, Monmartre montmartre_night-9gd.jpg (81545 Byte) Montmartre Paris photo moulin-rouge-paris.jpg (92815 Byte) Moulin Rouge Paris
pont-neuf.jpg (131477 Byte) Pont Neuf, Seine, Paris bridge-paris.jpg (101478 Byte) pont Alexander 3, Seine Paris bateaux_parisien.jpg (145991 Byte) Seine Paris, bateaux parisien sight seeing
tour-montparnasse.jpg (128542 Byte) Montparnase Paris view-montparnasse.jpg (186564 Byte) View from Montparnasse tower paris-souvenir.jpg (152212 Byte) souvenir Paris photo metropolitain-entrance.jpg (176229 Byte) metro entrance paris
sainte-chapelle.jpg (113381 Byte) Sainte Chapelle Paris picture ste-chapelle.jpg (138121 Byte) Sainte Chapele photo metro-la-bastille.jpg (128658 Byte) metro station Paris picture paris-metro.jpg (83175 Byte) Metro Paris picture
metro-paris.jpg (99890 Byte) metro Paris photo defense-7m1.jpg (152495 Byte) Paris defense-h92.jpg (124270 Byte) photos Paris defense-j0l.jpg (120192 Byte) images Paris
grande-arche-paris.jpg (124495 Byte) Paris Grande Arche La Defense la-defense-paris.jpg (157380 Byte) La Defense, Paris paris-defense.jpg (101075 Byte) La Defense Paris defense-triomphe.jpg (173680 Byte) La Defense, Paris, photo


versailles-entrance-6vj.jpg (140459 Byte) Versailles castle France photo versailles-cour-ministres.jpg (124284 Byte) Versailles Cour Ministres castle pic versailles-garden-ld2.jpg (117173 Byte) Versailles garden picture parterres-deau-versailles.jpg (120441 Byte) Versailles castle, France
versailles-palace-87d.jpg (193573 Byte) Versailles castle versailles-orangerie-kfg.jpg (168879 Byte) Versailles orangerie versailles-paris.jpg (113647 Byte) Versailles castle versailles-chateau.jpg (122293 Byte) Versailles castle picture
galerie-des-glaces.jpg (116258 Byte) Versailles castle, gallerie des glaces, Paris versailles-castle-7h5.jpg (112298 Byte) Versailles photo versailles-coach-museum.jpg (86954 Byte) Versailles coach museum photo versailles-mars-salon.jpg (113582 Byte) Versailles Mars Salon


disney-paris-11.jpg (107709 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-12.jpg (122797 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-05.jpg (105205 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-04.jpg (141073 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France
disney-paris-13.jpg (109154 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-07.jpg (126610 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-06.jpg (176375 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-14.jpg (81989 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France
disney-paris-09.jpg (126213 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-01.jpg (152700 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-10.jpg (119251 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France disney-paris-03.jpg (119616 Byte) Disneyland, Paris, France


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