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Chicago Essential Travel Guide

If you wish to visit Chicago anytime soon, then this Chicago Travel Guide is a perfect way to gather information. Reward yourself with a trip to Windy City, where art, culture, and history come together to offer one of the most unique and beautiful attractions in North America. With stunning architecture, 40 world-class museums, more than 200 theaters, more than 200 independent art galleries, and more than 7,000 award-winning restaurants, Chicago is an excellent place to visit for its culture, cuisine, and history. By many, Chicago is most beautiful during the summertime. The best time to visit “Windy City” is from June to September, when people shake off the winter blues and take advantage of all the last drops of the summer sun. From diverse street festivals to picnics in the park, along the lakefront and stunning beaches, there is so much you can do in Chicago during the summer.

Gastro adventure

The question is how to try all the food you want in a limited itinerary. That is why Chicago Travel Guide is here. Chicago has 23 Michelin star restaurants, two former Top Chef contestants, and several celebrity chefs such as Rick Bayless, Homaro Cantu, and Grant Achatz. The street food offer is also very rich and will satisfy all your wishes, from pizza and hot dogs to juicy Argentinean steaks and the finest mussels this side of the Atlantic at Hopleaf. You can even enjoy a stylish evening out. Some places – even those that deserve a special occasion – permit you to bring your beer or wine, for free or for $2- $3 a bottle.


Chicago is known for its panoramic wonders. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Suburban Wins to the award-winning 360 CHICAGO (formerly the John Hancock Observatory).

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park

This quiet suburb, seven miles west of downtown Chicago, holds the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. It was here that Wright developed his Prairie style, inspiring other architects such as George Maher. At first, his work was considered radical, even unpleasant, in comparison to typical styles. Walking through the quaint streets and Oak Park, it is obvious that Wright’s unique architecture stands out from the standard, but most positively.

Music and Art

Chicago has a rich musical heritage, with musicians as diverse as Benny Goodman and Kanye West originating from here. That heritage is still felt today, with more than 200 music venues covering everything from folk, rock to blues, as well as an abundance of talented street performers who celebrate the music world and the incredible summer music festivals that take place every year. Regardless of your favorite music, you’ll find something in Chicago that will inspire you to dance and enjoy yourself. The Art Institute of Chicago is among the largest museums in the world. Also, pop art fans will find a feast for their eyes.

Shopping in Chicago is simply magnificent! The Magnificent Mile is located nearby, and there are more than 460 stores for every taste. Here are boutiques just waiting to be explored and fantastic shopping malls where you can spend hours.

Stunning skyscrapers
Skyscrapers are a significant part of Chicago’s legacy, and this city is considered to be the place where the first skyscrapers originated. The best early examples and preserved Art Deco masterpieces of the 1920s, blend in well with some of the tallest and most innovative structures in the world. There are more than 100 skyscrapers that currently make the Chicago skyline. With the new constant upgrading, the city’s architectural reputation will grow.

Multicultural neighborhoods
One of the reasons why Chicago food is so interesting is the variety of people and neighborhoods. Historically, Chicago had a really multicultural composition as home to large communities of Latinos, Irish. Italians, and Poles. Today, there are areas throughout the city where you can experience different arts, culture, and life, from Chinatown to Ukrainian Village and from Pilsen to Greektown.

Lake Michigan and Beautiful beaches

Chicago is a city located by one of the world’s largest lakes and has a vibrant playing in volleyball tournaments, and going out to the beautiful blue water. Lake Michigan is surrounded by more than 25 sunbathed beaches. They are ideal places for anyone who wants to relax with their family and friends, enjoy water sports, or drink cocktails.