Tayrona National Park, Colombia- 5 reasons why you should visit

Parks are some of the exciting places to have the best experience of a lifetime, most especially when the weather conditions of the location is extremely conducive. And Tayrona National Park lacks none of this.

Established in 1969 at Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park is an area of about 150 square miles with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna archaeology. The centre is a coastal region that is very popular for its palm-shaded coves, rainforest and coastal lagoons.

For individuals who love to learn about relics and visit archaeological sites, Tayrona National Park is the best place in northern Colombia to achieve that. With its accessible forest trails, terraces linking to the Pueblito ruins that meet with the Caribbean coast, you have every reason to visit the National Park.

Below are some notable reasons why you should visit Tayrona at least once in your lifetime:

Fun hiking to Pueblito

Hiking to Pueblito, the heart of the park and the home of archaeological ruins is one of the exciting activities to look out for at the park. The relics are those of the indigenous city of Tairona which are only accessible via hiking up the hills from Cabo San Juan.

Though the hiking could be strenuous, the excitement and fun triggered when climbing the giant boulders would make you forget the labour involved. Moreover, you would hear different stories about the historical park and the ruins that were formed thousands of years ago.

On your way to the archaeological ruins of Pueblito, you would get to meet some indigenous people of Kogi who still dwell on the site. And this serves as a great avenue for you to learn one or two things about the modern culture of the people.

Thrilling scuba dive at Tayrona

Being a coastal region, the waters around the Tayrona National Park are enjoyable for scuba dives. Water bodies in this area are known to have teeming coral reefs, molluscs’ shells and fishes of varying shapes and sizes that are beautiful to behold.

Most times, scuba dives are organized in the surroundings of Tayrona Park, including places such as Santa Marta and Taganga. These places are where you would launch a boat deep into the waters to explore the wonders of the National Park.

Even if you have never had a scuba dive before, you could learn it at Tayrona and enjoy the aquatic life of the area.

A perfect destination for photo freaks

The wildlife nature of the Tayrona is captivating enough to incite inspiration in photographers. If you are a photo freak, you would be amazed at the different types of images you can shoot at the national park, from the picturesque landscape and nature to the ever-lively people and the historical, cultural heritage of the region.

As a visitor to the Tayrona National Park, you could get overwhelmed by the wonders of nature that reside in this part of northern Colombia. You can even get tempted into becoming a wildlife photographer as a result of the class of obtainable jungle experience the park would offer you.

At the park, you could easily stalk monkeys through the jungle, sit on the rock to observe and take a shoot of the Caribbean sunset. Tayrona is a world of fun for photographers of all backgrounds.

Beautiful Caribbean beaches for vacations

South America is one of the best places to enjoy vacations in the world because of the beautiful Caribbean beaches that stretch across the sizable areas. And interestingly, Tayrona reserves its place as the home to the best dunes in South America for excellent sunbathing, swimming, and sun tanning.

Vacations at any of the Caribbean beaches in Tayrona could offer you a life-changing experience. Some of the beaches you can explore when you visit northern Colombia include Cabo San Juan, Canaveral, Arrecifes, La Piscina, and Castilletes.

The jungle experience leading to the Caribbean beaches

If you have ever wanted to visit and explore Jurassic Park but all to no avail, Tayrona National Park will pass as a better alternative. Tayrona offers you a miniature experience of Jurassic Park mirroring the jungle with a huge wildlife diversity including monkeys, birds, insects and ancient outcrops of different genesis.

Since you need to hike through the jungle before arriving at the white-sand and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean beaches, it is always an amazing experience for visitors. The transition through the jungle among monkeys to the beaches for a refreshing sunbath lingers in their minds for a long while.