5 Top Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The kingdom of Denmark is a Scandinavian country containing a number of islands and peninsulas. This country is located in the northwest of Europe and is famous for wonderful landscapes, islands, sea views, museums, culture, and many other things. In the recent past, the amazing culture and beauty of Denmark have attracted millions of tourists towards it. People from across the world travel to Denmark and thus recommend it as one of the best places to visit. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 best tourist attractions in Denmark.

1- Tivoli gardens

This is an iconic place rated as the best place to visit in Denmark. These gardens are located in Copenhagen which is the capital and most crowded city of Denmark. The world-famous park named “Disney Land” got its inspiration from these Tivoli gardens back in the previous century. Tivoli Gardens are crowded with attractions like restaurants, cafés, theaters and of course huge gardens. It also comprises of big concert halls and roller-coaster. The fireworks displayed at night make the sky glow with glitter and charm.

These historic gardens have appeared in a number of great movies due to its breathtaking sceneries. In fact, these gardens are a blend of natural and artificial beauty. Accommodation is usually not a problem because a good number of accessible restaurants are available near this place. Travel advisors recommend summers as the best season to visit these gardens.

2- Nationalnuseet

Nationalnuseet is the national museum of Denmark which is also located in its capital, Copenhagen. The museum is located close to the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen. This wonderful museum is a representation of Danish culture and history. Nationalnuseet comprises a collection of Danish artifacts and antiques. Historic furniture and antique clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries show the amazing history and culture of Danish people.

This museum is a must-visit place in Denmark especially to those tourists who seek liking for history. This place can be well explored in a short time and its neighborhood with Tivoli gardens provide an edge to far-off tourists.

3- Staten’s Museum for Kunst

This museum is also known as the national gallery of Denmark. It is the biggest collection of art in Denmark also located in the capital city. This museum is a huge place comprising thousands of different Danish art pieces. Its distinguishing feature is that more than 700 years of Scandinavian art is displayed. It also contains the famous historic paintings from Picasso and Dutch painters. Historic statues are a true representation of the culture and the beauty of their artwork. For tourists, this place is helpful in understanding the history of Denmark and its true culture.

4- Nyhavn

This place is a waterfront canal surrounded by 18th-century buildings. Previously, Nyhavn was a port where ships used to dock. This amazing and somewhat distinct tourist attraction site is once again part of Copenhagen located at the south of the royal playhouse. This place itself is a district of entertainment with a good number of cafés, hotels, restaurants, bars, homes and other buildings. Colorful buildings and huge ships make it a must-visit place. Another good thing for tourists is that this point offers tourists to book a cruise to Sweden that is Denmark’s neighbor and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the capital city from a different view.

5- Kronborg Slot

Its a castle located in Helsingor. It’s a wonderful heritage site and popular because of its setting for Hamlet by Shakespeare. Its architecture and location make it a must-visit place in Denmark. This castle is a historic place built in the 16th century and last renovated in 1924. This place served as a garrison in the past but it’s no more than a tourist attraction nowadays. Its distinguishing feature is its surrounding lake and breathtaking sceneries. Therefore it’s a good point for tourists attraction

This list is far from being complete. Denmark is full of tourist attraction points. The Oresund bridge, Lego house, Lyng-by museum, The round tower, Den Gamle by are some amazing places and the list still is short. Therefore for tourists who have a likeness for historical places along with a hunger for exploring natural beauty and manmade developments, Denmark is their dream place.