Zurich is one of the most influential cities in the world as it is a vital financial center in Switzerland. It has existed for more than seven centuries and is voted systematically as the city with the best quality of life on Earth. Thanks to its important status in the country and the world, Zurich has become a privileged place for vacationers. A passport is required if you plan to travel there, but thanks to the new accelerated online passports, you can obtain your passport and your trip at any time.


A first-class starting point in Zurich is the beautiful Altstadt. This is essentially the Old Town district and is home to thin cobblestone streets, sweet little shops, and also some popular landmarks. One of these reference points is Grossmünster. It is said that this church was commissioned by Charlemagne himself, and the twin towers of the church are easily spotted. Grossmünster is one of the three main churches in Zurich, and one of the others is the Church of Peter. This church is famous for having the largest clock in Europe. The final church is Fraumünster. This church has beautiful architecture, and its impressive stained glass windows are well known in the city.

Rietberg Museum

Museums are a basic element for any vacation, and Zurich is full of them. One well-known is the Rietberg Museum. It costs nothing to enter and contains art created by famous artists from around the world. The exhibitions are divided by regions, such as Africa and Asia, and the Rietberg Museum houses among the best collections of Asian art in Europe. The Landesmuseum is another popular place and is more oriented towards the history and culture of Switzerland, but also contains many works of art and natural landscapes.

Zurich Zoo

A very popular attraction is the Zurich Zoo. Instead of being organized as a typical zoo, it is more like a park. Thousands of different animals live in this zoo, including seals, camels, lions, monkeys, penguins, bears, elephants, tigers and more. The new jungle exhibit, which is located in a climate controlled structure, is a favorite place in the zoo. Be sure to also visit the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. A short walk through a beautiful natural area takes you to the falls, where you can explore on foot or even submerge in a boat.

Swiss Casinos Zürich

Zurich is the city of money, finance and banks – and it also has its own casino. The escalator takes you from the entrance to the first floor, where the world of glittery lights and imagined fortunes takes you in. More than 350 slot machines and the table games roulette, black jack, punto banco and texas hold’em poker on two floors make this casino the largest in Switzerland. The stakes on the table games set in at 2 Sfr – with practically no upper limit. For your physical well-being there are two bars and a lounge. The casino also has a smoker’s section. To get access to this gambling paradise you need to be at least 18 years old, well dressed and have a valid ID card or passport with you. Or if you prefer you can play casino games online straight from your hotel room. You can check the online casino ratings before you do so, though.

Chinese garden

As a symbol of gratitude and friendship, it is said that Kunming, a Chinese city, gave this garden to Zurich. It is the best place for those seeking peace and tranquillity. The garden has a beautiful pond and an island pavilion. The predominant trees found here are the ‘Three winter friends’ (plum, pine, and bamboo) that can survive the winter.

Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, or Le Corbusier, is the most famous architect of the 20th century in Switzerland. Your house is near the Chinese Garden. The house is made of glass and steel in an unconventional manner and is its last finished building. This house is only open for a short period during the summer season.


The Lindenhof square is the central point of this city. This is the place where a village started and soon became known as Zurich. Therefore, the square is of historical importance. The city of Zurich can be seen from here as it rises along the Limmat banks that stretch from Bahnhofbrucke to Quaibrucke. The square resembles a fairly large chess set. Under the square is Bahnhofstrasse, famous for being a shopping place.

Lake walk

It is simply foolish to visit the main attractions of Zurich, except Lake Zurich. Lakeside Promenade is located along the shores of Lake Zurich and is an important attraction for locals and tourists alike. This park is a perfect fusion between the natural and the artificial.

Lake Zurich

The lake is shaped like a banana and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. The easiest and fun way to see the lake is by tour boat. There are regular schedules, and you can get off and spend time in one place and then board again. Most boats are equipped with bars, and you can buy sandwiches and other drinks.

The new botanical garden.

The garden located at the University of Zurich, contains more than 150,000 square feet and more than 9,000 plants, trees and shrubs. This beautiful garden will fill your senses with the variety of colors, the smell of flowers and the sounds of birds chirping. A lovely way to enjoy and relax the peace and tranquillity, together with the spectacular beauty of this charming place.

The best moment to visit Zurich is during the summer seasons. The winters are very cold and bitter. Many budget-friendly tour operators make visits to this beautiful city for varying periods. The search for one will not be so difficult given the technology of these times. Quickly finish one and visit this city.