Twelve Apostles National Park

Twelve Apostles National park is located in the Southern part of Australia. The park rises out of the Southern ocean just alongside the Great Ocean road. Pillars that were once connected to the mainland cliffs have been transformed by the wind. All that remains now are the majestic tall limestone columns. Some areas are high as 45 meters.

How to get there from Melbourne

Twelve Apostles National park is approximately 4.5 hours away from Melbourne. From Melbourne, use the Geelong road along the Great ocean road to access the park. The ride surely looks exhausting. Worry not though. The Great ocean road will provide breath-taking views. You will notice that you are already at the destination. If you are a visitor to Australia, you can use day tour services. The tour guides will help you arrive at the park easily. The tour companies also offer accommodation services for long and short stays.

Fun Activities to Engage In

Twelve Apostles National Park is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The place is excellent for nature’s enthusiast. Some of the activities to engage in include:

Boat rides: Boat charter companies at the park offer these services. Consider hiring one for yourself. The boat ride will surely be an extraordinary experience. You will get the chance to view the coastline up-close. Besides, you will get to understand the geology of the coastline as you enjoy sounds from roaring blowholes.

Discover shipwrecks: The shipwreck coast is rich with wreckages of ships. The shipwreck trail has signposts with information on how these wreckages occurred. Get to visit this site and marvel at the wreckages older than our great grandparents. The wreckage site has a rich history of how important this shipping route was in the past. Learning this extra information should be exhilarating.

Admire the natural attractions: The Twelve Apostles National Park is so named after the pillars formed from the limestone cliffs. The pillars can be seen from the viewing platform. The viewing platform gives the best angles for the best experience. Dusk or dawn times are the best. At such times, penguins may appear to crown the experience.

Take a guided walk: Instead of terminating the journey at Twelve Apostles National Park, do it at Princetown. This should be around 7 kilometers apart. From Princetown, you can walk along the boardwalk, steps, rubber tiles and crushed gravel to the park. The walk will offer stunning views of the coastal shores. Kangaroos and unique bird species will appear occasionally during the walk. Savor such moments by making the walk as slow as possible.

Explore the flora and the fauna: What is a park without the animals and plants? The Twelve Apostles’ unique habitat has encouraged biodiversity. Seabirds, sea spiders, lobsters, and kelp forests are just a tip of the biodiversity available. Sometimes whales visit the area.

Wave watching: The beauty of the Twelve Apostles National Park resulted from the waves hitting the coastline. The waves shaped the coastline into what it is today. Recreate this experience by watching the waves at high tides. The splashing of water and the knocking of the coastal line by the waves is therapeutic.


The conditions at the park are not fixed. Sometimes these conditions change to adapt to our evolving environment. You might find what is described above is not what exactly is around. Do not be worried. Consult the park’s management of the conditions before visiting. This information can be found on the Twelve Apostles National Park website. When visiting, beware of bushfires. Especially during the hot season. The park should provide information on how to keep safe during bushfires.

Is it worthy to visit Twelve Apostles National Park?

Certainly, the answer is yes. If you are a lover of nature, this place should be among your priorities. The Twelve Apostles National park boasts of a wide variety of biodiversity. The visitor is guaranteed a one of a kind experience when learning about these plants and animals. Twelve Apostles National Park is not only rich in animals. In the olden days, the site was a critical shipping route. For historians, a visit to the park will shed light on these past activities. Your historical knowledge will be enriched. Geologists should also consider visiting. The Twelve Apostles National Park has undergone geological changes since time immemorial. Geologists can conduct their studies in such an area easily while enjoying its beauty.