Most of the free photos on the bigfoto site are landscapes and have been grouped geographically. However on these pages you will find pictures organised by theme or topic – you can still download them and use them as you wish, knowing that you are not infringing copyright. It may be that for your purposes the thematic photos are actually more useful, for example on your own website, publicity brochure or in artwork. You may find yourself returning again and again to these pages.
Why not bookmark this page now so that you can find it whenever you need an image for some project?
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Big Photo galleries
In the Hands collection you will find images of human hands depicting the enormous range of activities we carry out with our hands without giving it a moment’s thought. The scope is enormous, from gesture and formal sign language, to apparently simple, but in reality extremely skilful, manipulation such as you are doing right now with your mouse…..
Click on the Sport button for fantastic action pictures of a wide variety of sports from baseball and cycle racing, to beach volleyball and wind surfing. In the text on the sport page you will find tips on taking good action photos yourself.
A different kind of human activity, but still involving a lot of movement and colour, is found on the Carnival page. Here you can download photos of carnivals of many different traditions and locations, some of them showing carnival bands.
In the Nature group you can probably find depicted any Animal you need an image of, from safari-style photos of giraffe and elephant, to domesticated creatures such as chickens, sheep and goats. Insects and little-noticed animals like snails and crickets are represented too, and there are some spectacular butterflies and dragonflies to enjoy.
As in all the collections, there are information and tips on the pages of Flowers and Landscapes on photographing these subjects. Still under the category of Nature, choose Sky for some amazing photos of the huge variety of colour and pattern seen overhead, from dramatic shots of lightning strikes to glorious sunsets. Winter, Underwater and Forest offer you the kinds of images you would expect from their titles; Geology combines a useful collection of closeups of rock specimens with pictures of geological features in the field.
Our Background page will be of use to anyone who needs ‘wallpaper’ for a website or a textured/coloured abstract pattern on which to display other images.
For those interested in aeroplanes, the Aviation collection has dozens of downloadable photos of planes of all shapes and sizes; helicopters and hot air balloons are represented there too. At the other end of the scale, the macro photography images classified as Closeups present unusual views of everyday objects that could be useful in web design.
A few of the photos on the Fountains page include sculptures, but there is a much wider range of carved and cast pieces in the Sculpture collection itself. Most sculptures at least keep still, but the beautiful images of Fireworks show the immense skill of the photographer in capturing the movement in the moment.
The surprising range of Amusement Parks is well represented by night and day, and seasonal images of Christmas decorations around the world are always popular.
Architecture is a great subject for photographs, and international icons, as well as little-noticed architectural features, are equally well covered on this page. Some buildings are more unusual than you might think!
Food photography is an enormous industry these days, and on this page the visual menu is varied and appetizing. While everybody has to eat, the pictures of locomotives and tracks of a variety of types and gauges on our Railway page may meet a more specialist need. A similarly wide range of craft is offered in the Ships photo gallery, from huge tankers to small sailing catamarans.
There should be something for everybody to download in this huge themed photo collection. Happy browsing!