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Railway Photos


A railway or railroad is a guided means of land transport, designed for trains to use for transporting both passengers and freight. It consists of two parallel rails, usually made of steel, and wooden or concrete sleepers or ties that hold the rails exactly at the proper distance (the gauge) from each other.
Rail transport is one of the most energy efficient means of mechanised land transport known. The rails provide very smooth and hard surfaces on which the wheels of the train may roll with a minimum of friction. This is more comfortable than most other forms of land transport and saves energy. Trains, see photos, also have a small frontal area in relation to the load they are carrying, which cuts down on air resistance and thus energy usage. In all, under the right circumstances, a train needs 50-70% less energy to transport a given tonnage of freight , or given number of passengers, than does road transport.

bahnhof-zuerich3.jpg (137179 Byte) train station bahnhof-zuerich.jpg (143363 Byte) train station do-not-cross-lines.jpg (227917 Byte) rails, rail tracks compartment-train-ng5.jpg (95244 Byte) zugabteil
furka_oberalp.jpg (93101 Byte) train zug bahnhof-zug2.jpg (109695 Byte) train station bahnhof-zuerich2.jpg (95586 Byte) train zug bahnhof-zug.jpg (112816 Byte) train lokomotive
cisalpino-train-5jer.jpg (124407 Byte) zug railway_winterthur.jpg (166061 Byte) zug bahn railway-ja9a.jpg (156291 Byte) train railway_02.jpg (151954 Byte) train bridge zug
railway_engine.jpg (206689 Byte) lokomotive furka_oberalp_bahn.jpg (115267 Byte) train zug railway_03.jpg (178670 Byte) trains hemmschuh.jpg (102999 Byte) chock
railway_sign_01.jpg (85201 Byte) diagonal cross, bahnsignal andreaskreuz railway-schienen-ozr.jpg (216917 Byte) rails railway_tracks.jpg (299121 Byte) rails schienen lamp-zb3.jpg (108306 Byte)
railway-schiene-ljj.jpg (140973 Byte) rails red_locomotive-8c.jpg (122265 Byte) sbb sihltal_bahn.jpg (160301 Byte) train zug railway-kiu4.jpg (180047 Byte) trains zug
tgv-bar.jpg (77331 Byte) tgv bar sued-ost-bahn.jpg (118735 Byte) train zug tgv-sncf.jpg (81275 Byte) tgv train tgv-passengers.jpg (59057 Byte) zug train
tracks-photo-9id.jpg (207382 Byte) points weiche train-locomotive.jpg (102955 Byte) train zug lokomotive trains-i3r.jpg (105733 Byte) trains night nacht zug train-night-8g4.jpg (80511 Byte) train night nacht zug
lamp-i5t.jpg (190493 Byte) warning lamp railroad-track-3yi.jpg (148856 Byte) tracks-p2t43.jpg (213103 Byte) railway photo tracks-photo-7l3a.jpg (199145 Byte) railway pic
zug-j7f3.jpg (128895 Byte) image train train-hn1q.jpg (123551 Byte) picture train sbb-z76t.jpg (114041 Byte) free photo engine train-u7z6.jpg (149491 Byte) image railway
railway-vg5t.jpg (99128 Byte) railway-y01j.jpg (106534 Byte) steam engine coal-j7z6.jpg (119060 Byte) railway pic railway-bh4c.jpg (111338 Byte) steam picture
railway-7s01.jpg (121695 Byte) image engine railway-6g4l.jpg (130241 Byte) engine image railway-9s2u.jpg (124357 Byte) picture steam engine railway-xw8i.jpg (111622 Byte) steam locomotive
railway-vf5t.jpg (115058 Byte) picture engine railway-x6z3.jpg (124618 Byte) wagon photo mini-engine-g56t5.jpg (158069 Byte) railway photo railway-agl3.jpg (150742 Byte) miniature train
railway-hn81.jpg (122937 Byte) image railway engine-al4c.jpg (122815 Byte) free pic wheels-7x8w.jpg (125895 Byte) wheels railway railway-8k4e.jpg (104110 Byte) wagon
railway-fl6b.jpg (107208 Byte) railway cisalpino-9g3.jpg (141866 Byte) railway-window-4r.jpg (138577 Byte) photo engine-blick-9e4.jpg (128702 Byte)
sbb-engine-9i1.jpg (135878 Byte) photo railway-iu3l.jpg (178273 Byte) railway-bm1b.jpg (183688 Byte) cisalpino-k7e.jpg (125934 Byte)
railway-liquid-h9q.jpg (145698 Byte) railway-kv6.jpg (133374 Byte) railway-s2y8.jpg (172721 Byte) railway-v7jq.jpg (140930 Byte)
s-bahn-7z5.JPG (209626 Byte) traffic wheel-j6b3.jpg (104852 Byte) cisalpino-c1o.jpg (154056 Byte) engine-i7nw.jpg (123241 Byte) SBB
oberalp-bahn-9i2.jpg (222575 Byte) railway mountains railway-x8i2.jpg (227679 Byte) tracks railway-8n4q.jpg (113902 Byte) bridge railway-station-7b4.jpg (117124 Byte) Munich
engine-front-8z5.jpg (114980 Byte) engine-7z2q.jpg (132632 Byte) 2000 railway-8mj9.jpg (216451 Byte) s-bahn-735.jpg (131424 Byte)
schienen-blaetter.jpg (213592 Byte) railway-bridge-7b3.jpg (195027 Byte) railway-tr5y.jpg (235100 Byte) railway-turntable-q9n.jpg (245164 Byte)
points-t3c.jpg (225378 Byte) picture railroad-track-29.jpg (205574 Byte) rail-tracks-6b3.jpg (203440 Byte) railway-sleeper-b8w.jpg (194391 Byte)
railway-arrow-4x2.jpg (99031 Byte) railway-signal-4y3e.jpg (93423 Byte)  traffic train-t2y7.jpg (137950 Byte)
signal   railway signal   tracks railway   sign-z6q.jpg (147130 Byte)


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