Best Casino Cities In Europe

Europe remains the first international tourism power. The old continent receives more than 600 million visitors throughout the year. This is due to the great variety of cultural and gastronomic offers, among many others. The primary destinations chosen by travelers from around the world are usually: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, or Portugal. However, this trend has changed in recent decades, opening the tourism range to other European countries.

When you think of a casino getaway, perhaps the first place you can think of is Las Vegas. With its bright lights and ostentatious charm, it is a wish list destination for many passionate players: it offers countless casinos with an excellent range of quality games and a variety of extravagant attractions and shows.

But when it comes to glamor and luxury, there are other places to enjoy, some of which also offer you much superior experience. Europe is famous for its range of historic and sophisticated casinos, which attracts the rich and famous in its crowds around the world. From the Golden Horseshoe of the United Kingdom to the modern Estoril Casino in Portugal, there is a lot to see concerning the casino scene in Europe right now, so if you are planning a European city break or a sun break in 2020, so why not combine the two?

Europe also offers a wide variety of leisure offers. We can find different and spectacular theme parks, concerts, sporting events, as well as the best casinos worldwide. If you are passionate about gambling and are attracted to visit the best European establishments to play poker, pay special attention to what we detail below in this article.

Among the best casinos cities in Europe, we can highlight 6 of them:

United Kingdom

Golden Horseshoe

London is an important multicultural city and consequently very attractive for the traveler. Among its wide leisure offer is the Golden Horseshoe Casino. The Grosvenor Group manages this casino, so it is influenced at all times by its authority.

Casino Fifty

The famous Casino 50 is also located in the United Kingdom. This establishment is one of the longest and most famous casinos in the British capital. However, this casino will be bound to close; but its importance and history make it present in this relationship.

Ritz Club Casino

This casino closes the list of casinos located in the United Kingdom. The Ritz Club Casino is one of the most famous gambling establishments in the continent. It presents a great offer of exceptional games like free slots and roulette, as well as superior service. Its international fame and its great exclusivity is a must for anyone who visits this city.


Alexanderplatz Casino

Berlin is one of the main cities worldwide, and the presence of the Alexanderplatz Casino increases its value. This popular casino stands out for its aesthetic totally characteristic of the Germanic country. It is a highly recommended establishment to be visited and enjoy the many possibilities it offers to play.


Baden-Baden is a town located in the Black Forest barks in Germany (in the southwest of the country), famous for its select tourism and thermal baths. In the 19th century, the European bourgeoisie chose it as one of their favorite resting destinations, and numerous businesses were created around that tourism: bathhouses, racecourse, theater, and its famous casino. The casino offers both classic games (American and French roulettes, poker, blackjack, white point and automatenspiele kostenlos or free slots in english), and a huge range of slots for players looking for a good jackpot. Performances, high-level restoration, and seasonal parties complete the offer of one of the most famous casinos in the world. The casino website offers a 360º visit that allows you to take a look at several rooms and put on long teeth.


Casino Di Campione

The Casino Di Campione is located in the city from which it receives its name. It is one of the most beloved casinos in Europe, founded in 1917, although its use was not initially linked to the game. It also claims to be the largest casino in the European continent. It is undoubtedly one of the must-visit establishments for all lovers of elite casinos.

Principality of Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino could be defined as the paradise of the players. This casino can happen to be the most spectacular and attractive worldwide. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the Principality and stands out for its exquisite elegance, luxury, and glamor. Located in a luxurious complex also includes the Monte Carlo Grand Theater among its facilities. The Monte Carlo Casino opened its doors almost in the mid-19th century (1863) and was built by the same architect responsible for the Paris Opera. It is a complex called Société de Bains de Mer that includes the Monte Carlo Grand Theater, the opera and ballet theater, and the Monte Carlo Ballet headquarters. The complex consists of fabulous gardens with spectacular terraces from which you can see the Italian town of Bordighera and play outside summer tables.


Barcelona Casino

The Casino of Barcelona stands out for its wide variety of leisure offers in addition to gambling. In this sense, it is a perfect combination of gambling, restaurants, various shows, and live music. Its location is in the Hotel de la Arts and was inaugurated in 1978 initially in the town of San Pedro de Ribas. In 1999 the inauguration of the current establishment took place.


Casino St. Moritz

If you are among the lovers of luxury and the game, you have to make a mandatory visit to this architectural beauty. The Casino of St. Moritz is located at 1,850 meters above sea level. Also, this luxurious casino presents a wide range of games of chance and even various attractions and shows.


Estoril Casino

The Estoril Casino is located in the town of Cascais at a distance of 18 kilometers from Lisbon. Its inauguration took place in 1931 and is considered one of the largest in the European continent and most important worldwide. It presents a wide range of board games, as well as various establishments to eat, drink or listen to live music and even an art gallery.